Meizu Pro 7 VS Oneplus 5 VS Nubia Z17 Design, Hardware, Battery, Camera Review (Flash Sale)


This year different Chinese smartphone brands have increased its flagship to 3,000 yuan, $500, today we choose  Meizu Pro 7,  Oneplus 5 and Nubia Z17 three smartphones at such similar price, we will check their difference in design, performance, camera, system, battery, etc. Hope it will be great help for you.


In appearance, Meizu Pro 7, Oneplus 5 and Nubia Z17 are all metal unibody design, Meizu Pro 7 has 5.2 inch screen, other two smartphones have 5.5 inch size, they all have 1080P 2.5D curved glass screen. In addition, besides Nubia Z17 with fingerprint scanner on the back, Meizu Pro 7 and Oneplus 5 have fingerprint scanner on the front home button.

On the back, they all have dual rear camera, Meizu Pro 7 has e-ink screen on the back, Oneplus 5 and Nubia Z17 both use popular U type style, as for weight, Oneplus 5 is lightest, Nubia Z17 is heaver.

Check Meizu Pro 7, Oneplus 5 and Nubia Z17 dimensions and details comparison.

According to the details, Oneplus 5 is slimmest, in addition, on the back and middle frame adopt golden curved process, which has good grip control, Meizu Pro 7 has no big gap, but Nubia Z17 is thicker a little, and besides Nubia Z17 removing earphone jack,  other two keep it.

According to design, Meizu Pro 7, Oneplus 5, and Nubia Z17 are the most powerful smartphones this year in China, they have ripe design, the highlight of Meizu Pro 7 is on innovation of back screen, and the highlight of Oneplus 5 is in the lower part. As for that of Nubia Z17, it has bezel-less screen for better visual effect.


In three smartphones, Meizu Pro 7 is powered by Helio X30 Deca core processor, but Oneplus 5 and Nubia Z17 uses Snapdragon 835 Octa core processor.

According to Antutu, 3D Mark, and Geekbench 4, let’s us test their scores.

In Geekbench 4, Meizu Pro 7 has got 5610 scores, Oneplus 5 has got 6761 points, and Nubia Z17 got 6464 points. So Oneplus 5 has highest scores in Geekbench 4.

In 3D Mark, Meizu Pro 7 has got 27,456 points, Oneplus got 40,453 points, and Nubia Z17 got 35,035 points. So Oneplus 5 has got the highest scores in this round.

According to Antutu test, Meizu Pro 7 has got 143,571 points, Oneplus 5 with 180,796 points, and Nubia Z17 got 178,618 points. Oneplus 5 has become the winner again.

Therefore, Oneplus 5 has got highest scores, and then it is Nubia Z17, which is lower a little than Oneplus 5, the third rank is Meizu Pro 7. But in terms of daily experience, three smartphones all belong to high-end level, which can meet users’ needs, only some details difference.


In camera, this three smartphones all use 16MP front camera, F/2.0 aperture, which mean they have good camera performance.

As for back cameras, they all have dual rear camera, Meizu Pro 7 has dual 12MP back camera, F/2.0 aperture, dual tone LED flash, Oneplus 5 uses 20MP+16MP Dual rear camera, F/2.7 aperture+F/2.6 aperture, and Nubia Z17 has 23MP+12MP rear camera, F/2.0+F/1.8 aperture, dual LED flash light, which all have higher specs.

Let’s check their samples comparison.

Nubia z17 Micro Distance Sample

Oneplus 5 Micro Distance Sample

Meizu Pro 7 Micro Distance Sample

Three phones Micro Distance Sample

Nubia Z17 Indoor Sample

Oneplus 5 Indoor Sample

Meizu PRO 7 Indoor Sample

Three phones Indoor Sample


Nubia Z17 Indoor sample

Oneplus 5 Indoor sample

Meizu Pro 7 Indoor sample

Three phones Indoor sample

Nubia Z17 Night image

Oneplus 5 Night image

Meizu Pro 7 Night image


Three phones Night image

According to their samples, they perform very well, Oneplus 5 samples are more vibrant, Nubia Z17 controls glare well, the performance of Meizu pro 7 behaves in balance, for users, it is quite good enough for daily use.


As for their battery life, Oneplus 5 is built in 3,300mAh battery, Nubia Z17 has 3,200mAh battery, while Meizu PRO 7 only has 3,000mAh battery, due to larger screen size of Pro 7, in fact, their battery life has not big gap.

After using five hours, their rest battery power percentage

The battery life in half hour charging

Let’s test their battery life, they all support quick charge, check the charging time and consuming power.

From quick charge, Meizu Pro 7 quick charge is the best, an then it is Nubia Z17, but from battery life, Nubia Z17 has brought surprise, it has best battery life, and then it’s Oneplus 5 and last one is Meizu Pro 7.


They have their own advantages in its design, the biggest highlight of Meizu Pro 7 is the back screen, quick charge, and dual rear camera, Oneplus 5 is the most powerful in performance, and it has also nice camera, good design, however, the highlights of Nubia Z17 are the bezel-less design, nice dual rear camera, longer battery life, etc.

Right now Oneplus 5 is in flash sale at 472.99USD, Nubia Z17 is also in flash sale at $428.99, while Meizu Pro 7 Plus sells at 599.99USD in flash sale, they are all RAM 6GB ROM 64GB version, and Meizu Pro 7 RAM 4GB ROM 64GB at $439.99 , so do you know which one to choose now?


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