Meizu Pro 7 Will Officially Release on July 27


About Meizu PRO 7 news, there is much more news, which means it is coming soon, recently, @Ubuntu team on Weibo has released the invitation about Meizu Pro 7 invitation card.  Currently, Meizu has officially released the invitation card, it announces it will be released at 19:30 [GMT+8] on July 26 Beijing Time.

On the front top  of the invitation card of Meizu Pro 7, it adopts hollowing design. And Meizu Vice CEO uses Meizu Pro 7 smartphone to make the post on Weibo. And it also confirm Meizu Pro 7 will use a second screen, which may be the window of the front screen.

In the invitation card, it shows the release date, place and Meizu Pro 7. It is worthwhile to know that although the whole card uses black color, which means Meizu Pro 7 will use this kind of black color,  the background color of release time has added dark and bright processing, and the big or small design are similar to previous back screen of Meizu Pro 7. So we can be sure that Meizu Pro 7 will use front and back screen, and the back screen inspiration will be from Window. Meanwhile, in terms of Meizu Pro 7 size, it may be the size of Meizu pro 7. According to previous news, Meizu Pro 7 will use 5.2 inch screen, about the design of the card, Meizu Pro 7 smartphone controls well about its size.

As for specs, Meizu Pro 7 is said to use Helio X30 processor, adopting dual rear camera, meanwhile, besides Meizu Pro 7, there is a large screen version, Meizu Pro 7 Plus, whether or not, stay tuned on July 26.


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