Meizu Pro 7 With Black Technology, Extreme Beauty and Snapdragon 835


By the end of last year, a netizen leaked a Meizu full screen smartphone, which are denied by most users. But recently we have seen the latest patents about Meizu on Patent website. Maybe Meizu Pro 7 will be released soon as a truth.

According to patents description, Meizu Pro 7 will add one more button on the side of the smartphone which looks like mBack button with two functions that can slide and press. Except mute button of some brands’ smartphone is to slide up and down, most smartphones’ button are pressed, such as mute switch of iPhone.

This kind of patent is to save more space to create the full screen design. According to Meizu Pro 7 previous news, Meizu full screen smartphone has simple design without buttons under the screen, besides a circle of frame under the screen, it has 5.62 inch Super AMOLED screen with 2160×1080 pixels resolution, and the front camera will use hidden design, the fingerprint scanner is integrated with inner screen.

The second patent is integrated with several kinds of parts. Compared with previous photos leaked before about patents, it is impossible to achieve this kind of design on Meizu Pro 7, with Qualcomm and Meizu settlement, this year Meizu flagship smartphone will use Snapdragon 835 processor, the price of Meizu Pro 7 will be improved higher. Stay tuned.


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