Meizu Released a Mobile Power Supply at 999 yuan, $157


In September last year, Meizu introduced more than 30 new products at its autumn new product launch event for Something. PANDAER also opens its new phase with a new role, which will inherit meizu’s love genes and be an ever-young brand of quirky exploration.

One of them uses a transparent case of visual mobile power, battery capacity of 20,000 mah, and has 118W rapid charging capacity. The crowdfunding price was 699 yuan. More than 9,200 people participated in the crowdfunding, and 1,702 people gave full support, raising more than 1.4 million yuan.

Today, Meizu also brought 130W version, the same full transparent design, spot sale, the price of 999 yuan.

This mobile power supply is created by Meizu PANDAER and Flash Technology. The cool full-penetration exploration appearance and ISP full-color intelligent display design enable the detailed values of the mobile power supply such as current, voltage and capacity to be displayed in real time.

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It adopts a single 21700 power cell with capacity up to 5000mAh, 130W visual mobile power supply to support QC/PD multi-protocol fast charging, 74Wh capacity can be carried on board.


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