Meizu Released Meizu Tablet PC and Meizu TV OS Based on Flyme 5


Today Meizu also has held a Flyme 2016 Autumn press conference with the media. Its vice CEO, Yang Yan has announced that Meizu will launch Meizu Entertainment before Chinese new year in 2017, which aims at the brand new game and game platform announcement.


In addition, the vice CEO has also announced the plan to apply into flyme OS on its tablet and TV. Currently, Meizu has started to develop tablet PC OS based on  Flyme 5 OS and has been compatible with multi-screen interaction in many apps. But Flyme TV OS has been researched over one year, this OS is mainly used for TV BOX, aiming at Meizu smart eco gadgets, and it will support VR and other health devices, etc in the near future.


Namely, right now Meizu Flyme Tablet PC and TV are still under the the first development stage, when the OS develops maturely, then they will push to its user. Of course, the hardware will be also powerful, Meizu tablet and Meizu tv will meet us officially.


It’s worthwhile to mention that he also introduced the updating of the brand new Flyme OS in camera. After updating the Flyme OS in the near future, the image speed will be highly improved. It claims the photographing speed will improve 65%, meanwhile, in image technology, the new camera will support N in one algorithm, panoramic algorithm, 3A algorithm and other adjustment technology, so its camera effect makes us more impressed later.


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