Meizu X2-its First Bezel-less Phone Live Image Unveils


Meizu is very serious about its bezel-less smartphone, until now they still haven’t released anyone although other Chinese manufacturers like Huawei, Xiaomi, Nubia, etc have announced their representatives. Li Nan as Meizu vice CEO has claimed they will release this kind of phone next year as soon as possible, but netizens have leaked this bezel-less phone of Meizu. it is said it is Meizu X2.

According to @Technology Wolf who have leaked Meizu products very accurately, this bezel-less phone of Meizu has very high screen to body ratio in terms of its live image, we can see the poles of the receiver and front camera, it adopts big curved and round transition around the screen.

It is wortwhile to know that under such high screen to body ratio, it still keeps mBack button, compared with standard size previously, it narrows obviously, mBack is the symbol of Meizu Flyme OS operation, if Meizu bezel-less screen phone uses this kind of design,which menas Meizu doesn’t want to abandon its mature operation.

It is worthwhile to mention that it may be Meizu X2, the model is Meizu M5X which has spotted Geekbench before, it adopts Snapdragon 650 processor, so for Meizu, it is first time to combine Qualcomm platform and full view display, we can expect for it more.

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