MGCOOL Band 3 A Smart Band For A Science Based Training


It is common to hear the news that refers to exaggerations in physical training, failing both in the objective of reference weight and in the cause of various physical problems.Excessive training is not always healthy, bringing more problems than benefits.

The new MGCOOL Band 3, with real-time information, will allow a training with scientific accompaniment, with all the resulting advantages. The Band 3 will arrive equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, vital for good maintenance and well-being.

A major advantage of MGCOOL Band 3 is the possibility of constant automatically monitors your heart rate during your sleep.through its specific sensor, associated with an algorithm that is capable of analyzing all movements of the pulse. Custom workout plans will help keep you in good shape throughout the day.We get more information on the same that MGCOOL Band 3 is made from soft silicone with a smooth finish for a sporty look.

In terms of specifications, the MGCOOL Band 3 includes a 0.66-inch OLED touch display powered by a 105mAh battery. With a weight of only 25 grams, it can be used without even noticeable on the wrist. The MGCOOL Band 3 will be available in just two colors, black and red.

Want to know more about the MGCOOL Band 3? We will give more news to us next days.MGCOOL is working to introduce you to something really cool. Stay tuned


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