Mi Mijia Air Purifier 4 Lite is Available for only 599 Yuan, $92


Xiaomi today launched mijia Air purifier 4 Lite, which covers an area smaller than A4 paper and can be used between 26 and 45 square meters. The initial price is 599 yuan, $92.

Mijia air purifier 4 Lite has a particulate clean air output ratio (CADR) of 380 m3 / h and delivers 6330L of clean air per minute to reduce particulate matter in the air. CADR value of formaldehyde is 120 m3 / h.

Its filter element adopts four-layer structure, which can filter PM2.5, dust, pet hair, pollen allergen, pet dander, life odor and so on. It is also equipped with antibacterial coating, escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus antibacterial rate, more than 99.99%.

Mijia Air purifier 4 Lite continues mijia’s consistent column shape, this time the corners are more square, clean lines, 4 sides can enter the air. Horizontal symmetrical grille, beautiful vision, smooth air, anti-oxidation ABS body, durable, texture as before.

It is also equipped with LED digital display screen, with high-precision laser sensor, real-time display of indoor PM2.5 value, three-color light bar intuitive feedback of indoor air quality, good air at a glance.

Like other Mijia products, access to Xiaoai students is essential. Through xiaoai, mijia air purifier 4 Lite can control the functions including timing switch machine, adjust the gear, query the life of the filter element, use children’s lock, etc.

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Sleep block noise is low to 35.8dB(A), screen light can be turned off, reduce nighttime disturbance.


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