Microsoft ChatGPT Bing chat Placed Ads to Recommend Relevant Products


Last night, Fast Tech reported that Microsoft had been approached by a number of advertisers about monetizing the new Chatgpt-based Bing.

Today, some users found themselves talking to the new version of Bing and being presented with AD recommendations.

Based on user feedback on Reddit, Bing currently includes ads for products related to the search content in its responses.

For example, if you search for a question related to Pokemon: Zhu/Zi, the AI will ask the user if they are “interested in purchasing Pokemon: Zhu/Zi?” , and provide links to advertisements for related products below.

In fact, Microsoft has previously reported that every 1 percentage point increase in Bing’s share of the search market could bring in an additional $2 billion a year in revenue.

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In an effort to monetize the ChtaGPT version of Bing, Microsoft recently raised the rates for the Bing Search API by as much as 1,000%, in addition to advertising.


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