SCULPFUN S30 Review – 5W Laser Engraver at €261.12 From TOMTOP in Flash Sale


Sculpfun has unveiled a new range of diode lasers, with the SCULPFUN S30 as its latest addition after the S6, S9, and S10. The SCULPFUN S30 5W model is obtainable in three different types, featuring an air-assist 32-bit motherboard and an intelligent control air pump. This air pump can manage the air-assist switch while engraving through the LightBurn software M8 button, ensuring clean and precise engraving and cutting. Hence, this laser series is ideal for crafting exquisite gifts.


Constructed from high-strength aluminum alloy, the SCULPFUN S30 boasts an exceptionally durable frame that can withstand weights of up to 50 kg without damage. The structure is designed to maintain high precision for an extended period; with only an upgrade to the latest laser required when the machine needs updating. The SCULPFUN S30 has a detachable eye shield that protects against glare, even for those without glasses. If it is not required, security can be easily removed. Furthermore, the included A4 size steel pad offers excellent protection for your table against laser damage while isolating any potential fire hazards. Additionally, the machine features a safe and easily visible power switch that can turn off the power quickly in an emergency.

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The SCULPFUN S30 boasts an advanced high-pressure air-assisted metal nozzle that produces high-pressure airflow when the air pump is activated. This feature significantly enhances cutting efficiency, making the cutting speed more than five times faster than models without air assistance. Additionally, the powerful airflow blows away any residue, ensuring a clean-cut surface. The SCULPFUN S30 5W laser is highly cost-effective, meeting 90% of hobbyists’ needs. It can cut through 5mm balsa wood and 3cm plywood in a single pass. The industrial-grade engraving accuracy is achieved through an excellent; and high-precision linear slide rail X-axis, eliminating any wavy pattern when carving small items. The SCULPFUN S30 also features an extensive 410*400mm engraving range, making it suitable for various engraving needs.


In conclusion, the SCULPFUN S30 is a highly advanced and cost-effective laser series designed for hobbyists and professionals. Its air-assist feature significantly enhances cutting efficiency, ensuring clean and precise engraving and cutting. The device’s high-strength aluminum alloy frame, detachable eye shield, and A4-size steel pad provide excellent durability and safety. With its extensive engraving range and industrial-grade accuracy, the SCULPFUN S30 is an ideal option for crafting exquisite gifts. TOMTOP offers this device at €261.12, an affordable price, making it accessible to anyone interested in laser engraving and cutting.


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