Microsoft Confirms Surface Pro 5 Coming Soon


This week Microsoft has released a new Surface Laptop with Windows 10 OS. The goal to release Surface Laptop is to take the mixed advice from consumers to make up the position of Surface product line. In last quarter financial report of Microsoft, Surface revenue has been down 26%, Microsoft needs to re-adjust the speed of Surface new product announcement.

Many users think Microsoft will release new Surface Pro and Surface Book 2 on May 2, but in fact it is a conference aiming at education. So users will expect two new product in Autumn press conference. Recently, according to Yusuf Mehdi ,the manager of Microsoft Windows and devices, Surface Pro 4 upgraded version will be released soon, it should be Surface Pro 5.

When it comes to Microsoft hardware strategy, Mehdi shows that Microsoft Surface pro 5 should be the minor upgrading version of Pro 4, the new one will be much thinner, built in Intel Kaby Lake processor, the screen and battery life will be more excellent. Compared with Surface Laptop, will you expect Surface Pro more, or choose Chuwi HI13 instead according to last general review between Chuwi HI13 and Surface Laptop?


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