Microwear H7 SmartWatch Phone: With Quad Core GPS WiFi, Design, Features, Review


Microwear is back again with a new generation of smartwatches Microwear H7, the Microwear still keeping the same design which is rugged and rectangular as well, the Microwear H7 has 1.54 inch, 320 x 320 resolution with the full touchable screen protected with a glass mirror, having an alloy body with a TPU strap. The smartwatch also has a 5MP camera as well as an IP68 waterproof that is suitable for swimming but do not use it in hot water shower.


The Microwear H7 is included inside a Black box with Shiny style. The watch can be taken out from the package in which you will find a 4 pin USB charger cable and a multilingual document. The manual includes few pages to explain how the various menus work and above all, how to use the Microwear H7. Simple but quite good document. In some languages, translations look strange, but in general, we believe the manual includes good information.

Design & Appearance

The Microwear H7 takes advantage of 2 side keys and the touchscreen. Compared to other models of the same price range, we are certainly at a higher level. The strap is comfortable, soft and silky, it does not create problems with long sleeves thanks to the case limited thickness. It has a quick release system for replacement with other models or for more thorough cleaning. The Microwear H7 Comes as 124 Grams. Its total measures are 53x40x14MM. Also, it has at least 2 physical buttons that each one fulfills a specific function.

The Microwear H7 is made of metal with good finishes and only features a button on the right side that allows you to activate the clock or return from any menu to the hour display. On the left side, we can find a microphone and behind the heart rate sensor and the magnetic connector to charge the watch.

One of the main moments of appearance is a very thin profile compared to competitors (14 mm). The Microwear H7 housing is a combination of metal (316L) and high-quality plastic, and the two-tone strap is made of silicone and has three colors: black and red, black-blue, black-gray (My test unit colors is dark-green).

The Microwear H7 is equipped with a 1.54-inch AMOLED screen, with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. The screen size is adequate and will offer a display of high definition images, intense colors and delicate effects; At the same time, it will give us a great experience during the outdoor exercise. It also has a glass crystal reinforced with minerals, this has a surface hardness of Mohs 7 or higher, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and better transmission of light.

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The processor was an MTK6537 with a 1.2GHz clock and a memory of 1GB. 8GB of ROM is available for storing images and files, which is amazingly space for such a small device. A memory extension via microSD card is sought in vain. The Smartwatch is coupled via Bluetooth 4.0 with the mobile phone and provides a stable connection. As a special feature, the Microwear has a slot for a SIM card to use the smartwatch as a stand-alone phone with Internet access. There is also a GPS module, a heart rate monitor and a pedometer which worked very precisely in the test. The heart rate monitor works, just like its predecessor, astonishingly accurate and reliable.

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What’s more, have you ever been tired of the awful alert in Watch Helper while your Bluetooth connectivity interrupts? We have found another companion app for H7. Fundo Pro.

The Microwear H7 comes with the more modern and power efficient Bluetooth 4.0 which will allow it to connect it to pretty much any smartphone, as long as they run Android 4.4 or above and iOS 8 or above. Once connected to your phone, the watch will be able to receive and make calls, read and send messages directly from the watch, as well as any other notification from apps like Facebook, Whatsapp and more.

After installing the FUNDO application on your smartphone, you can use the display of notifications on the watch screen. In practice, it works differently. There were days when I received all, and there were days when the program was completely silent. There is definitely room for improvement here. The notification is signaled by a clear vibration – there is no way to not notice it. The application is translated tragically, and my favorite mistake is the name of the pairing – here known as “gluing”. There are a lot of such flowers. For this part of Microwear H7 receives a small minus.

Advanced WiFi antenna with Nano SIM card support, which can be used independently with 4G network support. It effectively improves network connectivity, speed, and signal reception capabilities, so the connection is more fluid.

Features & Functions

Outdoor, GPS and GLONASS satellite navigation systems can be checked in real time for direction and pressure. At any time, they will collect your location data and track them. This way you will be informed about the dynamic weather to help you on the set route.

it also offers the typical features of a smartband such as alarm, call identification, WhatsApp, being able to exercise an intelligent control of the notifications of our mobile. And, of course, it is able to measure our pulse and to carry out an exhaustive follow-up of our training to get the most out of them.

The Microwear H7 is a smartwatch that includes all the basic functions to which we are already accustomed. We could start by mentioning that it has a function to control your dream with which your state will be analyzed in a very objective way. Also, this smartwatch can send reminders of a sedentary lifestyle, so if you forget to move for a long time, the device will remind you of it.

Of course, you can not miss the pedometer to record the steps you take and count the distance, so you can fully control your level of exercise. Also, the Microwear H7 has many sports modes, which include walking, running, climbing, biking, soccer, horse riding, badminton, table tennis or basketball. The above is complemented by a heart rate monitor that features a new generation optical heart rate sensor that can analyze your heart much more accurately and is able to calculate six different levels of heart rate to help you train safely.


The built-in capacity of Microwear H7 is 600 mAh. Battery life will depend on the usage scenario. Paired with a smartphone without using 3G and the average activity is enough for a day with the frequent withdrawal of notifications. Self-mode smartphone with the Internet will require charging by the end of the working day.

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Microwear H7 is interesting primarily as an independent smartwatch with a mode of operation as a smartphone, in addition to interacting with its main phone. most Smartwatchs are limited only by the basic functionality of a smartwatch in the form of an external curtain with notifications. Here, at moderate cost, we get good features, stylish design, detailed settings, built-in GPS and Wi-Fi, built-in speaker and support for external peripherals. You can recommend to those who are in search of a phone for additional SIM-cards, as a replacement for push-button phones, to those who for some reason do not fit classic smartphones.

Microwear H7 SmartWatch Phone is the best choice is to look for an extension of the smartphone. Microwear H7 is now available on AliExpress For Just $92.00


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