Microwear L2 Smartwatch Hands on Full Review


The Microwear brand was created in 2010 and has launched on that market many attractive gadgets, including mobile phones, as well as items designed to enhance your fitness and improve health. The Chinese brand, Microwear , launched a new smartwatch on the market week ago. The Microwear L2 has a great look and is dedicated to all sports enthusiasts and outdoor activities, even if it borrows little from the inspiration of the Samsung Gear models . This bearable can monitor your movements and can improve your daily exercise through all of the relevant reports it delivers with accuracy.


The L2 is included inside a Black box with Smartwear icon. The watch can be taken out from the package in which you will find a USB charger cable and a multilingual document. The manual includes few pages to explain how the various menus work and above all, how to use the L2. Simple but quite good document. In some languages translations look strange, but in general we believe the manual includes good information.


Made from premium quality stainless steel solid Strap with exquisite craftsmanship, it’s durable and reliable. Lightweight design let you enjoy the comfortable wearing experience. elegant and trendy looking. Simple but classic design. Perfect match for your watch and daily wearing. Features with adjustable hook buckle.
You can easily adjust the length by moving the buckle’s position back and forth to fit your wrist. The strap buckle is stainless steel flip lock diver clasp for additional protection, more safely. The Microwear L2 comes with measures of 24.9 x 4 x 1.4cm and weighs around 70 grams.
In addition to all the above, the Microwear L2, has IP68 certification, so this watch will be able to withstand dust and water splashes of all kinds, so we should not worry about maintaining excessive care in our sports sessions. However, we can not submerge it very deep for a prolonged period of time due to the limitation presented by the IP68 certification , which only allows full immersion at 1 meter depth during the maximum 30 minutes.


It has a unique design with a 1.3-inch capacitive screen that displays impressive images. The resolution of this is 240 x 240 pixels . The configuration of the small panel is really decent: high quality image, decent viewing angles. the Microwear L2 can boast an ideal brightness for all situations . In a room is also great, but in the street or on a sunny day, you never to look more closely. The control is carried out both through the touch screen, as well as with the additional physical button. In general, the screen responds fluidly, without hanging up.


The microwear L2 is equipped with an MTK2502 processor of four cores with 1.1GHz frequency. The chipset supports popular wireless interfaces and support with SIM card. In turn, it has been combined with 32MB of RAM and 32MB of internal memory. it has a fairly good performance and is compatible with additional features . However, the main advantage of this processor is energy efficiency, one of the most important qualities in a wearable.

Features & Functions

The L2 is a smartwach that is equipped with a large and wide variety of features ranging from a pedometer, which is responsible for measuring our steps in numbers and the distance we travel on our trips and tours, to a monitor heart rate, which has as the main function to keep us aware of any anomaly or change in our rhythm.
There is also a barometer, which will be responsible for measuring the atmospheric pressure present in the air from where we are, this function is especially useful for climbers, and people who visit high places, to finish we have a no less useful: a compass, which will always be one of the most important tools in outdoor travel.
In addition to all these features, this device also has the most common functions that should normally be part of a smartwatch, such as notifications of calls, SMS and social networks like Facebook and Twitter, without neglecting its main function as a watch. Well, what did they think? Yes. This clock is mainly made to tell time.
L2 acts as a wireless receiver, allowing users to handle calls directly from their wrist – bringing you the convenience of a speaker in a convenient wrist watch form and at a fraction of the price! Complete with Bluetooth, The L2 allows you to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and bring all the features to your wrist. On incoming calls, the L2 rings and you can easily answer or reject calls thanks to its side-mounted buttons and integrated speaker and microphone. The L2 Watch Speaker lets you stream music from your paired device and features an anti-lost alarm that alerts you with a ring when your phone is away.


The Microwear L2 smartwatch will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and give you the ability to read notifications of SMS, calls and other social networks in real time, to have a control of your heart rhythms thanks to its sensor for the beat cardiac, to calculate how many steps you take a day and how many calories you burn thanks to its pedometer and also to monitor the quality of your sleep.
The Microwear L2 is a smart device that works with Bluetooth 4.0V technology and can be connected to a terminal to share the information you collect. In addition, it can display notifications of calls, SMS, Facebook, Twitter or other networks. It seems that Micromax L2 has about 20 languages, including English, Spanish, French and Italian, the most popular languages spoken in Europe.


In terms of battery, the Microwear L2has a built-in lithium polymer with a standard capacity of 380 mAh. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the battery life when it comes out because it can withstand several days of normal us; or an operation of up to 10hours if Bluetooth is used continuously and simultaneously.

Verdict & Conclusion

In summary, we think that the Microwear L2 is an excellent device for those who want to analyze roughly running data and is not willing to spend a lot to do it. Comparing specifications and price, it is difficult to find something similar. In terms of data accuracy, we think features are basics: the instantaneous pace is relatively variable. On the other hand, distance measurement is decent, if you are willing to wait for the satellites to hang. Measuring heartbeats is also quite consistent, especially at a slow pace.

We recommend Microwear L2 to those casual runners who want a watch mainly for notifications, pedometer, and cardio detection but not for athletes or data-driven fanatics who desire to keep their activities under control. Its visual appealing, price and battery certainly make it one of the best non-sports budget smartwatches.
So we can see that this smartwatch is clearly having a very new concept and the price is also very affordable. So what are you waiting for? Go grab one for yourself as well. Right now you can grab it On AliExpress just at $51.99 and On Gearbest grab just at $50.99. For more Details Go now on Microwear Official Site. You will find 2018 World Cup Microwear L2 giveaway here. They will announce winners on its Facebook.



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