Microwear X2 Plus Full Review: A Real Beast of Smartband With Unique Design


Microwear just launched its first-ever smart band, the Microwear X2 Plus. It is breathtaking in its appearance and highly efficient as compared to many rival brands. With a unique design and robust performance, the X2 Plus is designed to last 180 days on standby, which is the highest of all smart bands that have come and gone in the last few years. Furthermore, Microwear is known for its IP68 waterproof technology, which it incorporates in X2 Plus as well. So, you could wear it while swimming, showering, or even in the rain. You don’t need to take it off.


Packaging The parcel flew in a standard small package, inside of which, wrapped in a pimply cellophane was a branded box with a watch. The box itself is made in white colors of strong cardboard. On the top cover, there is a logo of the company. I could not find any more information about the clock on the box. Perhaps in my case, the manufacturer simply forgot to paste the appropriate sticker.

Otherwise, it is not clear when sending the goods as the store selects the necessary model and the desired color. Inside the box, a watch is placed on the foam pad. Under the pillow is a small, colored, instruction in English and Chinese. There is nothing more in the kit. Actually, these are usual sports watches, which work from a regular battery. The Charging Cable is inside the box.


Like most of its brothers, this smartwatch comes in various color options so as to suit the tastes of more customers. You can find colors such as blue, green, red, and black, of course. As for the construction of the watch itself – it uses a pretty simple design language. It is namely here that we should mention that this bad boy is IP68-certified. This means that you can wear it in the rain, wash your hands with it or even take a dip in the swimming pool. We must note that the manufacturer has used a 2.5D sapphire glass. This move ensures both elegant looks and scratch protection.

Hardware-wise, this bad boy sports sensors which track information vital for your health. The Microwear X2 Plus can monitor your heart rate, the number of steps you’ve made through a day, and also remind you to go for a walk if you’ve been sitting for much too long. It’s pretty convenient and good for your health, as it can also measure your blood pressure and blood oxygen. These features might really come in handy if you happen to have some problems of this essence.


The X2 Plus smart band has a towering resolution of 240*240 providing 25ppi clarity (highest in the world) and sharpness. The construction employs 2.5D Sapphire mirror, aviation grade material with nano-injection molding, and edible grade silicone with injection molding on the strap.
You might see fingerprint stains on the watch but that’s easily cleaned with a slight wet cloth or a tissue paper. The body is only available in one color black, but you have a lot of options with its silicon band, at last, 4 colors two-tone strap is available, red, green, blue and the typical black color.


The Microwear X2 Plus is powered by NRF51822 processor and runs the proprietary OS. Sensors include blood oxygen and blood pressure monitor, there is also a heart rate monitor and step counter, the perfect combination for fitness exercise. Several social app notifications are supported like Facebook, Instagram, QQ, Skype, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Features & Functions

Besides its amazing waterproofing technology, it also supports heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure monitoring at any time and anywhere to avoid cardiovascular diseases. It has built-in exercise patterns that assist with keeping you aligned with your physical training schedule. Sleep monitor records the quality of your sleep. The Sedentary reminder tells you to get up and stretch your legs if you’ve been sitting for too long.

Pedometer & Heart Rate Monitor

If you want to exploit the full potential, there are clearly several options. The many different menu items can be reached by pressing the button. Since there is a heart rate monitor on the underside of the tracker, continuous pulse measurement is possible. The pulse can be read off the tape and every 5 minutes a value is transferred to the app. In addition, there is, of course, a pedometer, probably the most popular feature in these gadgets.

Sleep Monitor

If you want to rest from your efforts, the bracelet also tracks sleep. There, the built-in G-sensor and the pulse measurement are used, which recognize whether and how you sleep. Most of the time the tape recognizes, even if you fall asleep. Sometimes, however, there are small deviations at the time of falling asleep. Incidentally, the G-sensor also allows the wake-up feature, which turns the display on as soon as you turn your arm to look at it. Again, the function is not very mature and I’ve often seen my wrist shake because the display was not on.


There is not much to say about the stopwatch. You switch to the option and can then start the stopwatch. A long press with stopped stopwatch resets the time. Another feature that is possible directly on the tape is the ability to search your smartphone. If you activate it, your phone will start to ring. Handy for those who often lose their mobile phone.

Special Feature

There’s a sex motion monitor as well that gives you ratings based on the time, calorie count, and heart rate. Maybe this is what you need to improve the sex life?


Another practical feature in everyday life is the notification function. If you have an active Bluetooth connection to your smartphone, you will be notified of incoming messages & calls. So the pure notification by vibration works well, the possibility to display messages is not optimal. Since the display is quite small, most messages cannot be displayed correctly. In addition, it must be navigated to a specific menu item on the tape, so the handle is simply faster to the smartphone.


The battery is another of the most outstanding features of the Microwear X2 Plus , it incorporates 380 mAh but is capable of holding up to 180 days on standby and with average use up to 90 days. We can also keep our smartphone synchronized with the X2 Plus through Bluetooth connectivity, from where we can see if we have a call or any notification of any of the messaging applications.


As far as software is concerned, this device is compatible with Android 4.4 or above and iOS 9.0 or above. Thus you can get notifications from applications such as Facebook, Instagram, QQ, Skype, Twitter, and WhatsApp. A pretty convenient way of knowing what’s happening on your social networks without having to reach to your phone and waste its battery. This is made possible via Bluetooth 4.0. All sports and health data is synchronized to the phone in real time. In this way, you can manage all this information in a more comprehensive way. Of course, you also get notifications for calls or messages.

A point in favor is the possibility of integrating Apple’s Apple App on iOS and Google Fit on Android. The only flaw of the application is the combination with the smartwatch itself. During my test, I detected connection difficulties from the beginning because the smartWatch was connected but the data was not synchronized. This problem was solved by removing the connection and reconnecting the bracelet to the phone. There are many possibilities to analyze the data in the Fundo application. You can create tables with daily, weekly and monthly data.

In addition, the application calculates a depletion value. However, I believe that it is not a representative value, but that it is measured on the basis of the steps taken. The “search smartphone” function is also present in the application. Since the smart band does not have a speaker, vibration is used. Finally, the smart band offers the possibility to start the camera and take pictures with an arm movement.
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Verdict & Conclusion

Microwear X2 Plus SmartWatch in the process of writing a review and non-prolonged operation caused me a particularly positive impression. Bright, catchy design. The watch is a perfect bracelet for both the genders. It has everything to call it a tiny masterpiece. The watch is perfect for the users who often go on an adventure. For them, battery, temperature, altitude are always important and this watch has all. The feature I like the most is Battery and Weather forecasting. No other smartwatch is offering this kind feature at a nominal price. if you want to buy it. Grab Now on AliExpress just at $29.80, and on Gearbest just at $24.67. For More Details Check Official Site. Also Join Microwear L2 Giveaway. Of course, you can also check its Facebook page.


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