MIjia lamp 1S Enhanced Version Officially Released at 199 yuan, $30.6


Xiaomi rolls out mijia desk lamp 1S to enhance edition, open now pre-sell, come to hand price 199 yuan, $30.6.

The new upgraded full spectrum lamp beads, upgraded Ra95 color rendering index, the use of national standard A-level reading and writing desk lamp lighting standards, no video flash, and support little love students and Siri voice control.

Mijia desk lamp 1S enhanced version is upgraded to full spectrum LED lamp bead, the red, green and blue ratio in the spectral curve is similar to the sunlight. Compared with ordinary LED beads, the red and green light are added to control the peak of blue light, so that the light is more uniform and soft.

It adopts 42×0.5W LED module, rated power 9W, service life 25,000 hours. The color rendering index is increased from Ra90 to Ra95, which is closer to natural light and restores true colors.

Mijia desk lamp 1S enhances the optical lens grain that version uses is designed, can let the light pass multiple refraction reflex, already very uniform nature when releasing. It reaches the lighting standard of the national standard a-level reading and writing desk lamp, with wide illumination range and uniform illumination, improving work and learning efficiency, and clear and comfortable vision.

Mi home desk lamp 1S enhanced version has 4 lighting modes (reading, computer, children, focus), special Settings focus mode, through “breathing” to remind users to rest, reasonable and moderate with the eye.

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Though the price is only 199 yuan, $30.6,it works with Mijia APP and Apple HomeKit, and supports voice control by Ai and Siri. In addition, the user can also adjust the color through the solid knob warm light and shade.


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