Mijia’s First Bathroom Series S1 Released at 49 yuan, $7.3


On August 1st, the first bathroom series S1 of Mijia was released, and pre-sale began, and it will be officially sold on August 8th.

There are four new products:

1. Mijia temperature-Controlled Shower S1, priced at 1,099 yuan. Feature: The whole scene temperature control water, the whole family shower new experience.

Large toughened glass shelf, piano key switch/independent stepless temperature control, one rotary temperature control/four function water/three function shower/double function spray gun/A class brass spool, twice the national standard life.

2. Mijia pull-out basin faucet S1, priced 359 yuan,$53. Features: upwelling fountain water, fancy wash

Three functions: fountain mouthwash, pressurized water, anti-splash mute water. It supports 38cm wide range pull, and 720° universal rotation.

3. Mijia pull-out kitchen tap S1, priced at 399 yuan, $59.5. Features: Strong rush, brush, wash, clean the kitchen without pressure.

Innovative dual water brush, strong cleaning large area dishes; Pressurized flower sprinkling water, flush vegetable leaf surface stains; 360° rotation, also support 32cm wide range of pull.

4. Mijia Mouthwash bubbler S1, 49 yuan, $7.3. Features: Rotate water angle, upwelling mouthwash super cool

Delicate circular circle design, gentle water column gentle upwelling, washing water safer. Double ball head straight ball rotary pressurization design, water pressure is not broken, bring more water. Rotate at a large Angle of 720° to upgrade the water use scenario.


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