Mijia’s first High-End Refrigerator Released at 5,499 yuan, $852


According to Xiaomi official news, today, mija first high-end refrigerator -mija refrigerator cross four door enjoy version 550L officially released, priced at 5999 yuan, $852, mi fans privilege price at 5499 yuan, the current new product has opened pre-sale.

Xiaomi intelligent ecology official micro said, mijia refrigerator cross four door enjoy version has 120 million high-energy positive and negative ion group active sterilization, with a more artistic sense of ice crystal raw stone texture, 7 independent partition fine storage, and superconducting fast cooling food plate, giving you ten thousand yuan level configuration experience.

In terms of appearance, mijia refrigerator cross four door premium version after ten thousand times of ultra-fine grinding, the glass surface presents natural ice crystal raw stone texture, both three-dimensional and warm touch.

The refrigerator adopts the integrated design of kitchen and living room, which can release more home space. With 90° right Angle door and straight drawer, it is convenient to store and store items.

It is worth mentioning that mi fans refrigerator cross four door enjoy version of the ion sterilization way, sterilization rate as high as 99.9%.

At the same time, according to the main conditions of fruit and vegetable storage, the freshening system is stopped, and the purification of flavor, ethylene and virus is efficient to ensure the freshness of food materials.

Within 30 minutes, the virus removal rate was 99.99%, the ethylene removal rate was 86.0%, and the odor decomposition rate was 92.1%, officials said.

Mijia refrigerator cross four door deluxe version of the metal are cold air back, with 360° around the wind, to avoid direct blowing of food drying water.

In addition, the refrigerator is equipped with excellent space for mother and baby, built-in independent cold air control channel, and equipped with NTC thermal sensing temperature measurement, which can be used for 10 cooling control calculations per second. Including 4 degrees baby mode, 0 degrees fresh mode and -3 degrees soft freezing mode.

The independent beauty and health preservation area is made of antibacterial sealing material to prevent the inactivation of the ingredients affected by light and heat, and to protect them from dampness and aseptic staining.

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In terms of functions, mija refrigerator cross four door supports Xiaoai, you can select mode and set temperature in one sentence, supporting OTA online upgrade, and unlocking more new functions.


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