Military-grade Waterproof Case for MGCOOL 360 camera Launched


Action camera has become one of the most popular category in electronics in recent years,  there are some brands famous around the world such as Xiaomi Yi camera, SJ camera, GoPro camera, etc. But Elephone has released a sub-brand for other categories except smartphone, called MGCOOL, they have released a MGCOOL 360-degree camera first generation last year, but today they leaked the news that they have also released a military-grade waterproof case for this MGCOOL 360 camera.


As you know, there are only a few panoramic cameras on the current market, MGCOOL 360-degree camera has brought us much surprise, so does the waterproof case,  it supports IPX8 waterproof level to resist 30 meter diving, and this waterproof case can also support low temperature resistance. You can see the picture that it is made of plastic which can support for other common action cameras accessories like selfie-sticks, tripods, self-timer lever, etc.


You can enjoy a MGCOOL 360 camera and the waterproof case customized from their third-party retailers, gearbest, right now you can enjoy MGCOOL 360 camera at $131.69, and MGCOOL Waterproof case at $18.98.



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