MinSu MSTC09 Review, Smart Navigation Robotic Vacuum Cleaner @Gearbest (coupon inside)


We’re living in a time when I.A. and autonomous vehicles are hitting the streets but that tech is going places, now is coming into our homes, whit the IoT households. I remember, few years ago the first intelligent device i saw was a refrigerator, it was a Samsung, this device will warn you when your was about to expire or if you lack of milk. But, there’s another “intelligent” devices that came first as a regular in the homes in the earlys 2000, the Roomba, a vacuum cleaner, since its firts model this detonate that market, that even existed. Today after 18 years you can find lot of brands, some old and some new, so, this is the case, now we’re gonna talk about a young brand from Autonomous Vacuum Cleaner, Minsu recently unveiled its new model, the Minsu MSTC09, the substitute from the old and popular brother, TR2015. Lets get in to it.


As mention before, Roomba was the first and they came up with the round design that ended as standard form factor, with and low enough profile in order to work under sofas, chairs, beds and other fornutire. The MinSu MSTC09 is not the exception, this robot has a circular design, made from a variety of plastic, on top you can find three capacitive buttons and a small screen with on demand info.

Also, on top, you can find the dust and debris collect tray, just press the button to access it.

Below, you can identify other elements:
– Traction and direction wheels.
– Dust and debris entry, in orange.
– Brushes.
– Water tank and mop.

The only color available in this model is gray with black ascents.

In the unboxing part, you will find the the vacuum cleaner, user manual and its accessories, listed below:



If you worry for its size and think it wont work as the big vacuum cleaners don’t hesitate, Minsu added a poweful, but stealth, motor with a max 1800pa strong suction power, this ensure it will cleans your house entirely.

This little device can do all the job; swipe, mopping and vacuum your carpet. All using the included accesories: brushes, mop/watertank and the built-in suction port.

As part of it “Intelligent” design, it packs various sensors that can help to avoid running down the stair, hit furniture and return to charge base.

All the cleaning modes: auto / S-shape / edge / around column / spot / strengthen suction cleaning modes, can be operated using the top panel, the infra red control or via voice commands.


In terms of cleaning performance, it did a pretty good job. The beater bar was able to sweep up almost everything in its path. Biggest problem was edge cleaning. Only towards the middle and latter part of the cleaning cycle did the robot engage edge cleaning and it was able to do a pretty good job.

The “problem” was the bin. You’d have to be careful when picking it up. When I picked it up the first time, bits of dirt fell on the floor. So, be careful when you  The MinSu MSTC09 was able to pick up 40 grams out of the 50 grams of debris scattered on the floor.

Is intelligent enough to plan routes. Also, in addition to that you can use this vacuum in various floor types, thanks to special wheels is Capable of climbing 25-degree slope, it cleans your house easily, so you can used for short carpet.

It worked for an hour before run to the charging cradle.



The new recently added Minsu MSTC09 definitely is gonna be a great addition to your house, your kids and pets (cats mainly) will love it. It work and does the job well. If you are looking for one, Gearbest, has a special event and is offering a great discount, just use TWITTER as coupon to grab this vacuum for only $146.82 USD.



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