MinSu NV-01 Intelligent Navigation Voice Control Robot Vacuum Cleaner in Just ( $159.99) @Gearbest Sale


Minsu NV-01 Robot Vacuum Cleaner can continuous mapping, situating and arranging cleaning course, gives precise S-molded cleaning, inclusion rate 99%. The brushless quietness engine surrenders Minsu NV-01 to 2200pa suction. Wherever the Minsu NV-01 goes, all the little pieces including hair, melon seeds, beans, dust, will be no more.

NV-01 underpins App, remoter and Amazon Alexa voice control. You can see the visual guide and begin, delay or end the cleaning, make a cleaning arrangement, check the cleaning course, and so forth, with a cell phone. At the point when the battery is low, Minsu NV-01 will auto return for reviving and auto begin cleaning after completely charged Built-in infrared/ultrasonic indicators help NV-01 to dodge snags and counteract sticking or furniture harms.

Minsu NV-01 gives the wiping mode to additionally clean your floor, the 100ml expansive tank is furnished with the steady weight water infiltration innovation, can keep the mat damp without trickling water by any stretch of the imagination. Worked progressively mapping and situating specialists including fourth era ARM380S chip, SLAM delineate and Gyro accuracy route, S-formed clearing without vulnerable side

It Support APP control and Amazon Alexa voice control, gives visual guide and arrangement mode and the Sweep and wipe 2-in-1 cleaning, 100ml huge tank with steady weight water entrance tech, no water dribbling. It has the Automatic reviving and clearing, return for energize when the player is low, auto proceed with the incomplete cleaning work after completely charged with Silent brushless engine furnishes up to 2200pa amazing suction with just 55 decibels commotion

Minsu NV-01 Robot Vacuum Cleaner  Smart enemy of drop and impediment evasion, worked in infrared and ultrasonic finders, auto alter course subsequent to detecting snags or drop more than 8cm and  Auto convert among clearing and suction as indicated by the wreckage type with 8.5cm ultra thin body, clean the difficult to-achieve corners under the bed or couch. you can easily buy this from Gearbest Click the Price $159.99


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