Miraman 360QX Review: a1080P Camera Wifi FPV Foldable Brushless Motor Drone For Just $540.69 at TOMTOP (Coupon Inside)


Miraman 360QX is a flying robot drone which has a special appearance. It’s easy to fly with “Follow me”,”Automatic back home” modes. Its 4k camera has a 3-axis stabilization gimbal. The remote is also easy to control because it has separated video link & GPS mode. Controlling your flying robot looks like playing a video game. After taking pictures, you can share your works with your friends conveniently.


Miraman 360QX design is biased towards the field of intelligent robots. The round head looks simple and lovely. This design concept is also in line with the direction of the company’s development. It focuses on making drones in the field of intelligent robots and making drones more intelligent. A good service user crowd. The Miraman 360QX adopts a wing foldable design. After the wing is contracted, the maximum size is only 650px. The whole machine is very small and light, and the official weight is 1300g (including battery and flying paddle). It is portable and has no pressure to shoot… The flying battery uses the latest LiPo 4S HV battery, which has a battery capacity of 3400mAh and an official flight time of up to 25 minutes.


Miraman 360QX Equipped with 1080P HD camera, it is ready to give it a full shot to reinvent your vision from a new perspective. Brushless motors provide more power for the drone. With altitude hold, follow me mode and GPS-assisted positioning functions, you can control the drone easily and enjoy more flying shows! 3-Axis gimbal, 1080P FOV 100° wide angle camera, and wifi FPV transmission will allow you to get great photos and videos effortlessly from the sky. it helps to prevent losing control of the drone-Once the drone fly too far away and it’s out of signal ranges, press the return button, it will return back immediately.


Miraman 360QX debut makes a breakthrough of imagination margin. You will love it at first sight because of its special and cute appearance. Are you hesitating about what? Take this little cute drone home! Right now we can buy it from TOMTOP at $540.69 after using this $115 coupon code: HY115M


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