MIUI 10 Officially Launches with New Features You Want


Yesterday MIUI Header, Hong Feng announces MIUI 10 officially launched completely at MIUI 2017 annual summary, in fact, MIUI 10 has set up the project previously, this time the announcement is to focus on MIUI 10 from MIUI 9.

After that, Xiaomi official also announces that from Xiaomi MI2 to Xiaomi MI MIX 2, MIUI 9 has finished over 40 models to upgrade, today MIUI 10 OS project has also been launched.

When it comes to new OS, we must think of new function, so Xiaomi company also put forward a question, if you design MIUI 10, which function do you want to make it come true?


​​​​MI fans think boldly, such as a cash cow, smart home, girl friend function,mediation control, etc. But some come up with practical idea, such as camera optimization, system running fluency, simplicity, system occupation enjoys better optimization, gesture motion, battery life, animation, response faster, anti-robbery, face ID when turn off,  etc.

In addition, MIUI 10 is built in Xiao Ai helper, which can achieve super voice control, which becomes the most eager function.

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Previously, Hong Feng leaked MIUI 10 will improve based on MIUI 9, the goal is for robot conversation, and after robot conversation, you can convey the information, and integrate it, so AI will be the main direction of MIUI 10 OS. So what’s function you expect most about MIUI 10?

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