MIUI 11 Begins Its Development and This is What We Know From Xiaomi


Today, Xiaomi has started the morning talking about MIUI 11 has already begun to develop and that there are very good expectations that this version is one of the best created by the developers of Xiaomi.

Xiaomi on May 31, 2018, publicly announced MIUI 10, the latest version of its customization layer that works on 49 smartphones of the company. A layer that has begun to receive a better integration of the AI, but that we have not seen since the AI of the company only speaks and understands the official language of the company. We have also seen changes in the interface menus but there has not been a big change as we saw with MIUI 9.

Xiaomi today has spoken on the Weibo social network and commented:

The growth of MIUI is inseparable from the suggestions of the enthusiasts, so we will continue asking this question: What are your expectations for MIUI 11? “

It is at this time when Asian users have spoken to where they would like MIUI 11 to focus.

At the time of publication, the response of Internet users has been praised by 13,000 Internet users. Everyone knows that with the iteration of the system version, the addition of new functions and the increase of the computer tasks of the system, there is a bigger problem for the life of the battery and, in the case of the addition of new one’s functions, the resistance of the device becomes the most important.

Basically, users care that MIUI 11 add better options, more intelligence but all with very moderate consumption of the battery. MIUI 11 will follow the path of MIUI 10 and it will be based on improving what has been done, which is already quite given that the layer is already in its mature stage and only minor touches are needed to be polished.

MIUI 11 would be presented in the middle of the year, possibly with the presentation of Mi Mix 3S or Mi 9. We will see it installed in our terminal at the end of September in most of the devices, as the company has been doing for years. An adoption by stages and models as we have seen in the past. There is still a long way to go to see MIUI 11 in action, so do not despair, because MIUI 10 is still in continuous development and still has a lot to offer.

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