MIUI 12.5 Development Version Released


MIUI 12.5 development version launch global small window function.

One mi fan praised the feature, saying that the engineers really listened to our suggestions and solved the problem of inconvenient exhaling from the small window of MIUI, which is very comfortable.

It is reported that MIUI global small window supports free control of left and right exhalation, whether used to the left or right hand using the phone, it can easily be exhalation, extremely convenient.

In addition, users can also customize the small window application sequence. Mi fan said: “Collocation gesture is really good sweet .”

MIUI has improved dramatically in the past year. In addition to features, the MIUI team has also made deep adaptations to foldable phones and tablets.

Taking tablet computers as an example, the MIUI team developed the “MIUI for Pad” operating system for Xiaomi tablet and made in-depth optimization for the problem of App adaptation to tablet computers.

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Looking ahead, the next version of MIUI’s operating system, MIUI 13, will be released soon.


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