MIUI 13 is Here: MIUI Has Greatly Optimized The Basic Experience


Today, Redmi brand general manager Lu Weibing stated that thanks to MIUI’s efforts in the past period of time and the great optimization of the basic experience, Redmi Note 11 Pro has an extremely excellent battery life, which makes people increasingly look forward to MIUI in the future.

This year, the MIUI team has greatly upgraded and optimized the MIUI system. Taking the newly released Redmi Note 11 Pro as an example, the battery life of this phone is comparable to the high-end flagship iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Redmi Note 11 Pro has such excellent battery life. On the one hand, the power consumption control of the Dimensity 920 chip is excellent. On the other hand, the in-depth optimization of the MIUI team has greatly improved the battery life of the mobile phone.

The previous blogger leaked the news that MIUI 13 has changed a lot, and many system interfaces have new UX. The bottom layer of the test still has Android 11 and Android 12 versions. It is expected to be tested at the end of the year.

The current MIUI system has reached the top level of domestic customized systems in multiple dimensions such as privacy protection, battery life optimization, and performance schedule.

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It is expected that MIUI 13 will have new upgrades in terms of interface design, system fluency, and privacy protection, and we will wait and see.

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