Xiaomi MIUI 12 Notes Graffiti Function, Maybe Launch a Stylus For Painting


Xiaomi MIUI 12 has just released a new internal beta version of the sticky note app, which adds the graffiti function, and recruits users to be good at drawing and have mobile graffiti needs.

As can be seen from the schematic diagram and the updated content introduction, this version can help users better manage the layout of the pictures in the sticky note App and introduces the new function of “Graffiti”.

Although the requirements for graffiti are relatively low, It is very difficult for general users to draw with their fingers on their mobile phones or tablets. Therefore, it is not ruled out that Xiaomi is preparing for the future launch of a stylus.

Different from the previous click operation of shutdown and restart, the new UI has been changed to a sliding operation. Pulling the center circle up is to restart, and pulling down is to shut down. After clicking the center circle, the other two mode buttons will be called out. Currently, MIUI 12 is in flight mode and silent mode. From this screenshot, it seems that it has been changed to the power saving mode and Xiaomi community, which is expected to be customized.

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It is worth mentioning that currently OPPO and Meizu’s sticky notes provide the “graffiti” function, and the graffiti function provided by Meizu is very powerful, which can be compared with general professional drawing board apps.

Considering that MIUI 12 has just been released, there will be very little exposure to MIUI 13 at the moment. For more new features, you can continue to pay attention to MIUI official. Looking forward to the next major update, MIUI13 will bring more new features that people like.


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