MIUI 14 Features Leaked: The First Batch of Upgraded Phones


As early as half a year ago, there was news about MIUI 14 in the industry. Foreign media found traces of MIUI 14 in the Xiaomi code base early. It can be seen that the development work at that time was basically completed, and the code showed that MIUI 14 will usher in Brand new design language and introduce several functional improvements.

Although it was silent for a while, after the official announcement of the Mi 13 series some time ago, there was more news about MIUI 14. There are endless new materials. In this issue, we will talk about the changes in MIUI 14 and the new features worth looking forward to in combination with the official warm-up and industry news.

Less system pre-installed apps

In the recent official warm-up, the official revealed that MIUI 14 will give users the right to choose system functions, minimize the number of non-uninstallable applications, and delete the rest. The only apps that can be kept include SMS, browser, settings, phone, address book, file management, camera, application center, and other 8 apps.

This can be said to be one of the features worth looking forward to. It has advantages over other systems in terms of simplification, and it also confirms what Jin Fan said at the time “to make the most compact and lightweight flagship mobile phone system”.

More practical functions

The previous MIUI 13 was built based on Android 12, which paid more attention to privacy and ignored functions and stability. And this time MIUI14 will be developed based on Android 12 and Android 13, focusing more on the functional part. Combined with the existing MIUI 14 revelations, the details are as follows:

  • Redesigned permissions popup.
  • New widget menu icon.
  • Cannot record in incognito mode.
  • Other devices are interconnected with small cards.
  • Redesigned APK installer options.
  • A floating bubble notification has been added to the screen.

New Design Language

The biggest change of MIUI 14 this time is in the design language. The UI of many apps has been redesigned. At the same time, the official MIUI14 logo also reflects this.a little,

Better optimization experience

Google At the beginning of the release of Android 13, it was stated that Android 13 is a more stable, faster, and smoother operating system. benefit based on these underlying features, MIUI 14 will also benefit from it. Looking back on the previous generation of MIUI 13, users are always complaining about bugs, and I look forward to the improvements that MIUI14 will bring this time.


Finally, let’s talk about the list of the first batch of test models of MIUI 14 that have been exposed. After removing the Mi 13 series, the first batch of test models also includes the 12S series, Mi 12 series, Mi 11 series, Mi Civi 1S/2 series, Redmi K60/K50/K40 series, Redmi Note 12/11 series, Mi MIX 4, etc. At the same time, judging from the version number, the Mi 13 series has the fastest progress and has iterated to the fourth major version. We will wait and see what kind of surprises MIUI 14 will bring.

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