MIUI 14 Review: Reducing Clutter for a Cleaner and Faster Smartphone


MIUI 14, the latest version of Xiaomi’s operating system, was released alongside the Mi 13 series. The new system has focused on reducing the resource consumption of the hardware through the “Razor Project.” The aim was to streamline the storage space, startup items, and pre-installed software on the mobile phone. In this article, we will explore the various features of MIUI 14 review that make it stand out by using the newly released Mi 13 Pro as an example.

One of the significant improvements of MIUI 14 is that it reduces the storage space occupied by the system. As system functions keep improving, the storage space occupied by the system also increases. MIUI 14 has streamlined the storage space occupied by the system, which has resulted in less storage space occupation. As a result, users can reserve more files on their mobile phones. Additionally, MIUI14 has reduced startup items by 12%, which can save up to 9% of the boot memory usage. This reduction is a significant improvement for mobile phones equipped with 8GB of memory, as it can provide users with a smoother experience.

Many mobile phones come with pre-installed software that may not be useful for all users. MIUI 14 has streamlined pre-installed software so all third-party pre-installed software can be deleted. Some of Xiaomi’s system applications can also be deleted, simplifying the entire system. Basic applications, such as telephone, SMS, contacts, file management, system settings, application store, browser, and camera, cannot be deleted. Even the desktop communications and file management icons can be hidden to provide users with a clean and straightforward interface. MIUI 14 has also introduced a low-frequency application compression function, which reduces the storage space occupied by infrequently used applications.

The flagship Xiaomi Mi 13 Pro has given full play to the phone’s hardware performance, bringing a smooth and seamless experience in daily use. MIUI14 can adjust the animation rate, further enhancing the smoothness visually. The system architecture and scheduling mechanism have been optimized to ensure a smoother control experience. MIUI14 also allows for desktop personalization, allowing users to choose from widgets and icon shape settings. Users can also add flower pet ornaments on the main screen of the mobile phone, which can interact with users like small electronic pets.

MIUI 14 has also improved the security of the mobile phone. It now has end-side text recognition capability to extract text from pictures and copy them without networking, thus avoiding data leakage. The system supports real-time Chinese subtitles on the mobile phone and can also realize Chinese-English translation. MIUI 14 has higher text recognition accuracy than other systems and supports the extraction of multiple voices. It can even recognize handwritten text, which has a better experience in practical applications.

In conclusion, MIUI 14 has several new features that stand out from other operating systems. The Razor Project has streamlined the storage space, startup items, and pre-installed software, making the system lightweight yet robust. MIUI 14 has also improved the security and personalization of the mobile phone. All these features, combined with the high performance of the flagship Mi 13 Pro, make MIUI 14 an excellent operating system for users who value a seamless and secure mobile experience.

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