MIUI 9 OS New Style Design Unveils, Check it Out First


Xiaomi official has made warm-up about MIUI 9 for a long time, if there is no other issue, MIUI 9 will be released recently in two months. About MIUI 9 OS, Lei Jun has leaked the goal of MIUI 9 OS will aim at more fluency, more stability and more power saving, and the head of MIUI OS has also leaked that MIUI 9 will be narrowed to get rid of current redundancy.

Besides the change of inner core, will MIUI 9 be adjusted in visual effect? According to currently situation, it is possible. Today, MIUI Marketing Vice supervisor @Huang Longzhong has leaked some screenshots to ask if it is the new style of MIUI 9, will you accept it?

The screenshots are from the latest official theme ‘geometry’, which has get rid of flat design, back to proposed design, which is different from others.

In the comments, netizens have shown their attitude about it, parts of people think the color is too boring, not so good-looking as flat style, the others think this kind of design are much easier to accept.

Although Mr. Huang doesn’t confirm it will be the MIUI 9 icon style in default, according to the content on Weibo, we can’t exclude MIUI 9 will make adjustment for its icons. Personally, there is no point to focus on the MIUI 9 theme style, after all MIUI offers many kinds of themes for options. Users can choose the one they want.



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