MIUI 9 Stable Version First batch Update List and Release Date Leaked by its Official


Recently Xiaomi MIUI microblogging revealed that “the fastest, the end of this month to start the first batch of models MIUI9 stable version to push!” Experience the MIUI9 development version of the user for the new system “fast as lightning” are given a high rating and Recognition, which also makes everyone more optimistic about the stable version.

The MIUI official also revealed the push time of the MIUI9 stable version for the first time in answering questions related to Mi fans, which also indicates that more users will be able to experience the “fast experience” of the new system by the end of October.

In order to ensure the quality and stability of all over the principle, MIUI9 stable version is about to start an orderly upgrade, the first upgrade users can take the lead in the new system to experience the ultimate “fast experience” and the portal, information assistant and other black Technology brings convenience. Not the first upgrade list of users do not need to worry, the first batch of models has leaked.

In theory, this should be in large quantities before the push, MIUI official first pushed to a very small number of users to use the test.

basically models Mi 6, Redmi Note 4X, Mi 5X and Mi Max 2, which is recently released several models. As for Mi note 3 and Mi MIX2 can upgrade, there is still a big question, I believe MIUI official will try to ensure that they are in the first list.

The MIUI team is constantly optimizing and improving the new MIUI9 system by experiencing the MIUI9 development version of the user’s experience of participating in a sense of culture. In ensuring the stability and smooth flow of the system under the premise of MIUI official finally revealed MIUI9 stable version of the upgrade time.

Although only a short answer, but we can still get some effective information from it. First of all to confirm that, MIUI9 stable version is really getting closer from everyone, which also gave millions of anxiously waiting for the user to eat a reassurance. In addition, through the MIUI official micro-answer can also be seen, MIUI9 stable version of the upgrade and development version of the same, or will take a batch strategy, by the end of October will usher in the first model upgrade.

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