MIUI Code Leaks: MIUI 13 is Finally Coming


Today, developer Kacskrz found traces of MIUI 13 in the MIUI code. The version number is MIUI V13.0.0.1.SKACNXM, which means MIUI 13 is coming soon.

Looking at the latest mobile phone systems released in China, cross-screen interconnection is one of the main directions of each system at present, which can realize the collaborative work of multiple devices and improve efficiency.

MIUI already has a layout for cross-screen connectivity. MIUI+, the first crossover product launched by MIUI, is an important link for MIUI to realize the seamless connection between Android and Windows system.

It can be used with PC, MIUI+ allows users to read and browse on the mobile phone, long press a paragraph of text copy, computer can paste directly; Conversely, when copying some content on the computer, the mobile phone can also directly paste, forward or secondary processing on the mobile phone, greatly shortening the transmission path of the original text information.

In addition, MIUI+ also enables the mobile phone screen to be directly displayed on the computer, and photos and screenshots can be displayed on the computer through wireless transmission. Users can seamlessly save the photos to the local computer, and can also be directly dragged into third-party programs.

MIUI 13 will no doubt further enhance this connectivity between phones and other devices, bringing new surprises.

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In addition, MIUI 13 will bring new UI design and improved system smoothness, among other things. The system is expected to be released in December, and the Mi 12 is likely to be one of the first models to test MIUI 13.


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