MIUI Has Decided To Launch Wondershare in This Winter


MIUI officially announced the latest online Q&A content for MIUI leaders on the 10th, involving multiple functions such as screen sharing, portals, and dark mode.

When talking about when the screen can be shared, the person in charge of MIUI said that after doing it, around the winter, a more official version will definitely come out within the year.

Xiaomi Miaoxiang has been officially announced at the Lei Jun’s 10th Anniversary Public Speech. It supports multi-device cross-screen collaboration experience. Mobile photos can be directly dragged to the notebook’s PPT for use. Currently, it supports Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Edition and Xiaomi Notebook Pro 15. (2020), more models are still in internal testing.

The person in charge of MIUI also stated on the portal function that the portal continues to be optimized, and the new version has been tested internally because the portal has indeed not been built for a while due to manpower issues. It was just “picked up” in the middle of this year.

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In addition, the person in charge of MIUI said that the fingerprint unlock animation setting page is being refactored. All the special effects you like will be available. All models are treated equally. The version at the end of the year is expected to be updated to MIUI12.


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