MIUI official Confirmation: Color Screen Will Be Adapted To All Xiaomi OLED Phones


As a system based on Android deep customization, MIUI already has hundreds of millions of users and has reached the extreme in terms of experience. Even so, MIUI still draws user feedback and promptly launches new functions, and on June 4th, Lei Jun issued a document. Confirm that the heavyweight feature will be updated.  Lei Jun forwarded “MIUI Xiaofan” and said: All OLED screen phones support the display of the information screen. The screen displays two time zones, which is very useful for people who often go abroad!

The original microblogging MIUI Xiaofan issued a confirmation: the feedback problem solved in the past 2 months – [AOD information display]

  • 1. Color screen style adapts to all OLED screen models, including meter 8 (development version + partial stable version)
  • 2. Increase the interest screen dual clock, just turn on the dual clock in the clock setting (development version)

In addition, the dark mode that everyone expects has begun to adapt to all Android P models. Currently, 16 system-level applications (development version) have been adopted. For third-party applications that are not adapted, the features of Android Q will be used later. Globally enforces dark mode.

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The interest screen display has been applied very early, such as the early Lumia series mobile phones, and Samsung mobile phones support the display of interest screens. For most users, the video display can check the time and time without lighting the mobile phone. Part of the information, very convenient.

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