MIUI Official Confirms MIUI 9 OS Will Be Compatible with Xiaomi MI2/2S


Today Lei Jun has leaked on Weibo that currently there are about 5 millions to use Xiaomi MI2 and Xiaomi MI2S smartphone until now, which is quite amazing that this two models were released four or five years ago. In addition, this two smartphones have got MIUI 8 OS update.

And then Android forum has shared this news about Xiaomi MI2, MI2S, and claims that will MIUI 9 continue to support update on Xiaomi MI2 and MI2S? It is very surprised that Xiaomi MIUI Official replied on Weibo with definite answer.  Therefore, Xiaomi MI2 and MI2S will be compatible with MIUI 9 OS update.

In 2012, Xiaomi has released Xiaomi MI2 smartphone in Beijing officially, it adopts 4.3 inch 1280×720 screen, 342PPI, it uses 28nm quad core processor, RAM 2GB ROM 16GB internal storage, it has dual camera, 8MP back and 2MP front one.

Xiaomi MI2 is the first one to use Quad core 1.5GHz 28nm processor smartphone, which claims the monster phone, and then they released Xiaomi MI2S which has no difference from Xiaomi MI2, but only upgrade in its processor and camera. Xiaomi MI2S uses Snapdragon 600 processor, RAM 2GB ROM 32GB internal storage, the back camera upgrades to 13MP.

This two smartphones are the most classic ones , we can see they are still hot after four or five years, there are still lots of users using it.  Therefore, it will be big news for those users, which we can see Xiaomi cares about their fans a lot.


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