Mixcder® 872 Headphone Unboxing, Hands on, Battery Life Review with Coupon


Today we have attractive headset with Bluetooth and NFC with a fairly good quality, Mixcder 872 headphone. And specifications that are very attractive:

– Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 (up to 10 meters) and NFC.
– Control: gestural handling of the songs from the side of the hull.
– Playback options: pause, next / previous track, and volume up / down.
– Design: folding body with synthetic leather material.
– Additional functions: microphone for hands free use.
– Extras: cable connection (3.5 mm jack).
– Battery life: up to 18 hours of playback or 5,000 hours standby (360 mAh battery).

Watch Hands on Review of Mixcder 872 headphone.


We start with these Mixcder 872 box , a very elegant hard cardboard box. On the front is a picture of the handset, brand logo and some other feature.


All specifications and a photo of the handset are on the back.


When you open another box we find more of fibreboard in which the brand logo appears


We removed the cover, and we have headphones and all accessories


In the box we are:

– The headphone
– An audio cable Jack
– A micro USB cable to charge the headset
– Paper warranty
– User’s manual




Come up with your design, where we find a very careful and pleasant to use design, which he makes it very comfortable to wear for several hours

We pads across the deck above, which makes it very comfortable to use


The MIXCDER 872 are very comfortable to wear because they fit well with our head size thanks to adjustable straps made of metal


p61010_164238 p61010_164226

By using them, we noticed that they are very comfortable in the ear, as we have a synthetic leather feel good to the touch


On the left side we have a touchpad with 4 buttons:

– Button 1: Play and Pause
– Button 2: Allows you to know if you are connected via NFC
– Button 3: On, off and call
– button 4 : Allows you to know if you are connected via Bluetooth


On the right side we have a touch pad with 4 buttons:
– Button 1: Volume Up
– Button 2: Next Track
– Button 3: Volume Down
– Button 4: Track


How to Use?

To make use of it, we must do so by gesture, that is:

To increase the volume, it slides by fingers from the “VOL -” to “VOL +” and will rise or fall gradually.

We test the connectivity section, and found that these headphones can connect via three ways. Bluetooth, which has a fairly high range of about 10 meters, NFC, and by JACK 3.5 mm

In the area of operation, which is of interest, we find that the sound is pretty good with clear treble, mid-tones balanced and tight bass, which makes them quite recommended for music, see any movies or even play.

In MIXCDER, bass tones are adjusted perfectly, deep enough.Isolation from the outside has been resolved quite well, so they will not bother us with strange noises.

We turn to see autonomy, and we got a good surprise that has reached us a range of about 18 hours, as the manufacturer brand, it’s pretty good. And we can load our headphones in just 2 hours.

Charging is done via USB Micro, which is the entrance, at the bottom. Unfortunately we did not find a charger port  to plug into the wall
In conclusion, Mixcder® 872  headphone can make you enjoy a very interesting product, with a pretty good sound, comfortable to wear, pretty good design, very carefully, economy, and quite important if we wear them for several hours a day.  We can find the  MIXCDER 872 on Amazon for a price of about 60 €, but with 15% discount OFF coupon code: 553PELY7 to save more money now. You can also check more details about MIXCDER 872 Headphone on its official Website.


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