Mixcder Devil-A gamer grade headphone Full Hands On Review Step by Step


The Mixcder Devil cames in many forms, that’s what people in my town say. Today is presented in a good way, a pair of gaming headphones. I’ve been using them for a week and I’m pleased, so, lets talk about it.


This pair of cans came in a three box set up, one from the parcel and two from the product. Every arrived secure and excellent condition.

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In the box we found the Devils and the user manual, this one is translated to 4 languages, and that’s it… Simple as that, take them out and you are ready to rock!

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Plastic everywhere, it looks nice but is a finger print magnet and spect the same from dust, but just use a little cloth and they are pristine again.

  • Cable long enough to use it with your Pc under the desk. It have separated connectors; audio, micro and USB (with this one you activate the deepBass function).
  • Earpads are really comfy and big, this are Over The Ear type.
  • The microphone is not detachable but it can adopt any position thanks to the metal spring.
  • Can be used by anyone even if you have a head bigger than moon, like me!
  • The M logo over the speakers turn on with a red light with you connect the USB.
  • The colors really catch the eye of your friends.
  • This have two interfaces, one for adjust the volume and one for active or deactivate the deepBass function.

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The Sound

This are no intended for music lovers, but are ok if you want you want to use it for that matter. Be aware that highs are little muffled, you will need to adjust that with your equalizer. But if you are a Bass Head then you’re gonna love them.


Where they bright with the deepBass function is when you play games, i played Bordelands 2 with friends and they were very useful, you can feel when an enemy is approaching to you thanks to the bass, and yes, this is stereo bass so you can be aware when a player is trying to reach your place from your left or right.


They are comfy enough to past 2 hours playing without being exhaust by the weight or heat.

About the micro, people could hear me with any issues, even when they don’t have a noise cancelation tech.



  • Micro and cable are not detachable, but I’m ok with that.
  • Don’t have a dedicated button to mute the micro.
  • The package doesn’t include a cloth bag to store them.



I’m pleased with the Devils, I wasn’t expecting too much from a brand that is trying to compete with the bigger players but their performance was really good, I loved them even with the cons that are minor for me. The sound with games are outstanding when you use the deepBass function, I had a nice time playing with my friends on line.


The only thing is missed and you can be with me, is the lack of the dedicated mute button for the micro.

I can recommend this pair of cans for those whom are new in the gaming set ups, you invest a little but you got a good product. Right now you can enjoy Mixcder® Devil headphone from Mixcder Amazon store at $ 25 99, of course, you can also check more details from Mixcder Official website.


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