MJX B20 EIS Review – 4K Ajustable Camera RC Drone at $209 From Banggood


After a long absence, MJX has arrived with a new model from the Bugs series called the MJX B20 EIS RC Drone. As the product name implies, its 4K video camera features Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS). The camera has a 1/3 “image sensor and a 2.8mm lens. It can take up to 128GB of micro SD cards and record 4840 x 2160 video at 30fps or 1080P at 60fps. Its 5G WiFi module is capable of reaching 600 meters with some smartphone models.

Buy MJX B20 EIS RC Drone From Banggood


MJX B20 EIS RC Drone Made of high-quality environmentally friendly plastic flame retardant materials. With high hardness, wear resistance, scratch resistance, fall resistance, and collision resistance. The classic and fashionable streamlined design is exquisite, full of sense of technology and modernity. 4-axis foldable body for easy storage and carrying. Fortunately, the manufacturer has opted for a neutral design, so it has a look that is acceptable to anyone and is basically not bad either. It weighs 543g, which means that this drone is not blown away by every small breeze. The size is 380*380*125mm.

Battery sealing design, reasonable installation structure, and special balance charger can further prolong the service life of the battery; Equipped with a 7.6V 3400mAh modular high-performance rechargeable lithium battery. MJX B20 EIS RC Drone can support flight mode for up to 22 minutes after charging for 300 minutes, thus realizing long battery life. There are single, double, and triple versions to choose from, and they are pack in color boxes. Battery replacement is simple and quick, and it is safe to use.

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MJX B20 EIS RC Drone equipped with 4K ultra-clear wide-angle anti-shake electric camera. The viewing angle is 130, the pitch rotation range is 0-90, the outdoor GPS positioning, and the air pressure is fixed; Indoor optical flow positioning can accurately lock the fixed height and stably suspend the position, effectively prevent the screen from shaking when taking photos and videos, and make recording/photographing more stable. The WIFI image return distance reaches 450 meters. Image transmission 720P, image, and video local storage resolution 3840*2160. Pictures can be shared with music and video, and all the captured contents can record in real-time and transmitted to the mobile phone in time, without missing any wonderful moments. Memory card supports Class 10 and above, with a maximum capacity of 128GB.

2204 brushless motor is adopted, which has strong and abundant power and supports the maximum flight speed of 40 km/h. MJX B20 EIS RC Drone supports GPS switch to take photos and record videos. Support GPS intelligent follow-up and image follow-up functions (identify shooting objects and carry out automatic follow-up flight). Support gesture shooting recognition, within 1-3m of the aircraft, and make a photo gesture/camera gesture in front of the camera to complete the operation. Stable flight, high-definition aerial photography; The remote controller can take photos/videos, adjust the tilt angle of the pan/tilt head, adjust the rudder size, unlock/land with one button, headless mode, GPS return, and GPS/ attitude mode conversion.

5G WIFI 4K HD camera with small image transmission delay and transmission distance of about 450 meters. Support operations such as ascending, descending, advancing, retreating, turning left and right, flying left and right. And functions such as one-button take-off and landing \ returning, losing control \ losing signal returning. And fast and slow gear; Special APP, with simple operation interface, has the functions of data return and one-click unlocking/landing. And supports the additional functions of APP: intelligent following, electronic fence, interest point surrounding, path planning, etc.


MJX B20 EIS RC Drone looks to be very similar to some of the other GPS Bugs drones but there is one huge difference. This drone has electronic image stabilization, also known as EIS. We can buy it from Banggood at $209 in Flash Sale.

Buy MJX B20 EIS RC Drone From Banggood


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