MJX Bugs 19 B19 5G WIFI GPS 4K Camera Drone in 131.74euro @Cafago Flash Sale


MJX Bugs 19 is another 245 grams quadcopter model from MJX with amazing brushless engines and a 4K Ultra HD camcorder. Additionally included is a convenient sack for putting away and moving the model. The B19 4K robot is furnished with proficient and amazing brushless engines with individual electronic speed regulators. The programmed motor locking framework introduced on the ESC adequately shields them from untimely disappointment, yet in addition guarantees flight wellbeing.

MJX Bugs 19


The MJX Bugs 19 quadcopter is totally all set and is appropriate for novices, yet in addition for experienced pilots. Charge the battery before your first flight. Prior to each flight, particularly the primary, you should go through the alignment and delay until the necessary number of satellites are associated. The heaviness of 245 grams liberates it from the need to enlist with the Ministry of Transport. The robot is made out of ABS plastic, which is a sturdy and light material that is regularly utilized for drones. The plastic has a light-dark shading that looks straightforward and polished. Additionally, it has foldable arms so it’s simpler to move.

MJX Bugs 19


The robot MJX Bugs 19 accompanies a 4K camera, which can be controlled from the controller (change the slanted point, zoom all through the picture straightforwardly in the M RC PRO application), and the picture has a more steady picture because of the single-hub gimbal of the camera. The GPS situating framework makes flying controllable and effortless. You will consistently know the specific area and course of Bugs 19. GPS with related capacities like Return to Home, Flyover Points, Follow Me, Orbit. B19 is furnished with optical situating (Vision Sensor), permitting drone stand firm on foothold moreover or without GPS flags just as making the arrival smoother and more exact.

MJX Bugs 19

The MJX Bugs 19 robot is flying on a Li-Po 2S 1820 mAh battery. The flight time is around 22 minutes. The control board is made of top-notch plastic. The controller has a mount for a cell phone, which; utilizing a unique application, will interface with the quadrocopter through 5G WiFi and get video. The actual controller additionally has a little high contrast screen that shows telemetry information; like sign strength, battery charge, and then some. The controller can be exchanged between two modes for left-handers and for right-handers (the choke stick will be switched). The controller is fueled by two AA batteries.

MJX Bugs 19


MJX Bugs 19 is an extraordinary robot for the two fledglings and semi-proficient pilots. With the 4K camera, you’ll have the option to make an extraordinary film with a high goal. Likewise, the robot is foldable, in this way exceptionally functional to ship, and with the flight highlights, you have a lovely simple task to make a marvelous film. Also, You can easily buy this from Cafago at 131.74euro

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