MJX Bugs 5W Review – 4K Camera RC Drone For Just $146.99 at TOMTOP (Flash Sale)


The MJX Bugs 5W is one of the most versatile drones around $150 dollars currently in the drone industry. It is the latest model of the popular MJX R/C drone brand. The MJX Bugs 5W quadcopter features Powerful Brushless Motor-MT2204 1800Kv, a super cool design and GPS positioning system.

Buy MJX Bugs 5W RC Drone from TOMTOP


The drones are 300 x 275 x 95 mm, weigh less than 400 grams and develop speeds up to 60 km / h. The custom MJX Bugs 5W quad-core is equipped with a brushless MT1806 1500KV motor that provides light friction at work and reduces heat generation, emphasized by the developer. The 1800 mAh battery supports the flying of the drones for 15 minutes with one charge. The bright LED lights made night flying as easy as flying in the day. Your Bugs 5W looks cool and attractive. The drones support two-way 2.4GHz communication with a new generation of remote control device that has an improved range of up to 200-300 meters for the best flying experience.


MJX Bugs 5W Drone is equipped with a single shaft mechanical gimbal, which can reduce vibration and keep the intakes stable. In addition, you can adjust the angle of the camera by remote control. The wide-angle lens r makes it possible for the camera to capture vivid and vivid images with expansive backgrounds. MJX Bugs 5W Drone Support to shoot 4k at 16 FPS and 2k at 20 FPS thanks to the 8-megapixel CMOS sensor and wide-angle lens, capturing the details with great angulation and beauty. Bugs 5W is amazing for experienced pilots with its advanced Brushless Motors, 4K WiFi Camera, and 2.4 GHz Two-Way Communication technology, which means the flight will be more powerful and reliable, the image quality will be more excellent, and the control range is up to 1600m. With intelligent flight control options and a camera with incredible image quality, the Bug 5W empowers you to push your creative boundaries.

MJX Bugs 5W Drone has Powerful Brushless Motor-MT2204 brushless motor is designed for Bugs 5W, which features metal shell, good cooling performance, advanced inner electromagnetic construction, and working steadily in high speed. Gesture Photo/ Video-Take a picture of the camera and take video by posing simple gestures, which achieves great convenience with simple hand motions in photography. Point of Interest Flight-You could choose a point on the APP interface, and the MJX Bugs 5W drone will fly around it. 360° full angles shooting surround helps shoot chic videos easily. Track Flight-After setting target, the MJX Bugs 5W will automatically recognize objects of different shapes and sizes then track them according to what they are and how fast they move. This makes tracking much easier and more reliable.


MJX Bugs 5W RC Drone! A super cool drone which is exactly the beginner drone that you need. With a special appearance, you will love it at first sight. This version includes a 4k 5G Wifi HD camera, giving you impressive photographing experience from the sky! we can buy it from TOMTOP at $146.99 in Flash Sale, note: duty free shipping.

Buy MJX Bugs 5W RC Drone from TOMTOP


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