MJX X103W Drone Review: 2K Camera 5G Wifi FPV GPS RC Drone For just $99.99 at TOMTOP


The company MJX launched a new quadrocopter called MJX X103W with GPS support. According to the manufacturer, will have brush motors and folding rays. MJX X103W is a new model of a folding drone from the best manufacturer of aircraft in the average price range. Compact size, stylish design, simple intuitive control, and the most modern technologies and components. The range of video adoption is up to 400 meters.

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The quadcopter itself weighs 260 grams with dimensions of 150 × 100 × 60 mm (when folded) and 345 × 345 × 60 mm (in the working form). Accelerates this quadrocopter to 22 km / h. To record video on the quadcopter itself, you can use a USB flash drive with a recording speed of grade 10 or higher, or you can use the phone as video storage, but it will not be as good. The MJX X103W quadcopter comes with remote control, so you don’t need to buy anything. It has a beautiful design, foldable antennas, an LCD status screen, and a phone holder. On the front panel, there are 4 buttons for additional control (+ sticks). Under the gas stick (mode 2) there is a button to remove / arm (arming, disarming).


MJX X103W is a folding drone with brushed motors equipped with a 2k resolution camera (2048 * 1152 at 20fps for video). The video is also transmitted to the smartphone via wifi at 5Ghz (so check that you have a dual band wifi phone) for a declared range of about 250-400m. For new generation phones, MJX reports that the FPV range could even reach 600m. Moreover, MJX X103W uses positioning through GPS that allows it to maintain the position effectively when in flight. In addition to being an effective player for positioning, GPS is used to provide the model with SMART flight modes, such as WayPoint, Follow me and of course the beloved One Key Return. These features, combined with the general configuration of the drone, meaning that the ideal target of the MJX X103W is composed of beginners who are looking for a drone to learn but who also winks the eye at the most expensive drones.


Buy MJX X103W Drone at $99.99

MJX X103W has a maximum flight time of 14 minutes, allowing more time in the air to capture the perfect shot. In addition, the X103W features superior & powerful 2K Camera and all-in-one function delivering the power for a smooth flight and stable hovering. An excellent companion for you. You can buy it from TOMTOP at $99.99 in Flash Sale to use coupon code: Code: HTMJXWX


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