Mobile Gambling: Best Phones for Online Gaming Ranked


Play what you like, where you like

The gambling industry has come a long way from players having the choice of a backroom at a bar or having to hop on a plane and plan a vacation just to have a flutter. Not only have land-based casinos popped up all over the country, but the virtual world is bringing us exciting new gambling opportunities all the time. Online casinos have been around for a couple of decades, but the advent of smartphones really saw them take off. We all have a processor in our pockets that allows us to explore the world in the way we choose, wherever we are.

What to look out for

New legislation in Ontario introduced earlier this year means that anyone resident who is over 19 can access mobile casinos if they want to. The quality of the graphics and animations and extraordinary technology behind the scenes make mobile casinos a fully immersive experience. But it is not all about looks. Well-rated mobile casino apps also take your security seriously. In addition, to get the best gaming experience, connectivity matters too. While most casino apps can be played on older smartphones, if you are serious about gaming, you might want to consider one of the following phones. The big things to consider when you are out and about are screen, battery life and power.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

If you want to splash out on an iPhone 14, we are not suggesting that you should not. However, if you do not need car crash detection, there is little to differentiate the 14 from the 13 in terms of gaming. The 14 does claim to have slightly improved battery life, but it is $100 more expensive. You could use your savings as a deposit for some gaming if you so choose. The big difference between the 14 and 13 is for those people who want to use their smartphones to capture the very best photos. If that isn’t your priority, then the 13 will do very nicely.

Gaming on the iPhone 13 Pro Max is a great experience. Everything looks fantastic on the 6.7-inch screen. In addition, its processing power is impressive, allowing everything to run smoothly and without glitches or lagging. This is primarily thanks to the iPhone Pro Max’s improved OLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate called ProMotion. In addition, you can turn the brightness up very high on this model to see everything in great detail. Whatever you want to play, you will not be disappointed by the remarkable screen quality. The other significant point to note is that it has excellent battery life. Well, excellent battery life for an iPhone, anyway. The iPhone 13 Max allows you to game for longer without having to recharge it.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra is its powerful flagship phone. It is a great all-round phone that is highly rated by online and mobile gamers. It is an evolution from the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and combines the best features of those two models.

This model has a 4nm processor combined with 12GB of Ram and up to 1TB of storage. The Samsung S22 Ultra can handle any game out there and has an even larger screen than the iPhone. Any game graphics will look outstanding on the 6.8 inches screen, and you will have plenty of space to see all the games’ features.

These smartphones have battery life conservation built-in via the Adaptive Refresh Rate technology. The screen refresh rate adjusts automatically between 1Hz and 120Hz depending on your phone use. It doesn’t use it if it doesn’t need the higher rate. You don’t need to do anything to benefit from this.

OnePlus 9 Pro

The OnePlus almost feels like a dedicated gaming phone, but it is a great all-round smartphone. The 6.7-inch AMOLED screen has a refresh rate of 120Hz. It also has a Hyper Touch feature which allows the online gamer to boost the touch sampling rate from 240Hz to 360Hz. This makes it exceptionally responsive in the dynamic mobile gaming environment. It makes it ideal for online casino gaming.

This smartphone has superfast 65W charging, so you never need to be out of the game for longer than you want to be. Its 5G connectivity is excellent for mobile gambling. In addition, its Snapdragon 888 chipset combined with 12GB of RAM ensure it has all the processing power any serious gamer needs.

Motorola Edge Plus
Motorola has not released a top-tier contender for many years, but the Edge Plus brings it right back in with the other big names.  Anyone with nostalgic memories of old Motorola phones will need to update their ideas. This new Edge Plus could be considered as cutting edge and iconic as the Razr was back in the day. The Motorola Edge Plus has an irresistible large screen and features designed to please any mobile gamer. These include digital trigger buttons at the screen’s edge, which are in just the right place for your fingers.

The full HD Plus screen is an impressive 6.7 inches. It has a Snapdragon 865 chip and 12GB of ram to deliver a fluid gaming experience. It also has 256GB of storage. Its refresh rate at 90Hz is slightly lower than the featured phones, but it still delivers a sharp image and excellent graphic content.

Oppo Find X3 Pro

Depending on your exact requirements, the Opp Find X3 could just be the perfect smartphone for the mobile gambler. It has everything you could want and more. It has a feature called Game Space. This handy feature mutes notifications and optimizes the experience while you play. If you’re going to focus on gaming and shut out the world for a while, this feature ensures that you do not lose concentration or get side-tracked at the crucial moment.

The Snapdragon 888 chipset delivers the phone’s powerful performance. It has extensive RAM and oodles of storage. It has a 6.7-inch AMOLED screen. The refresh rate is right up there at 120Hz delivering amazing colours and contrasts for anyone playing on this device. The screen has QHD+ resolution and a max brightness of 1,300 nits. This really is a device to get lost in.

Games work across all devices

However, you like to play, the online casinos have been designed to work on almost any modern smartphone. Whether you play via an app or through the browser version, nearly all games will run well on our everyday phones. You do not need to splash out on a new phone to enjoy a mobile gambling experience. However, if you are considering upgrading, any of those featured here, would be a great choice.


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