MOOSOO R3 Review – Laser Robot Vacuum Cleaner at Lowest Price from Amazon


MOOSOO R3 Laser Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes with a new generation of smart chip, Intelligent route planning function to optimized coverage, automatically identify walls, furniture, etc. Cleaning your entire home, and be the smart steward of your home. Keep your house tidy, don’t ignore any place.


MOOSOO R3 Laser Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the classic-looking round cleaning mop with a mopping function. The use of this function is possible thanks to the 200 ml water tank with a built-in water pump. Interestingly, the robot not only allows the appropriate dosing of water to prevent wastage but also calculates the amount remaining in the dispenser. Powered by 3000 mAh lithium battery. The smart laser robot vacuum cleans up to 492.1 square feet, up to 140 minutes of run time on just 5 hours of full charge. When the battery is low, the self-charging robot vacuum cleaner will automatically return to the charging base. It ensures that it is always loaded and ready to clean edges and stairs, avoid damaging furniture and walls, and manoeuvring around. Potential stuck situation


With the high precision Lidar navigation system, MOOSOO R3 Laser Robot Vacuum Cleaner can accurately detect obstacles and record all areas to create a real-time map of your home, clean it by the plan to avoid leaving areas uncleaned. Advanced anti-collision and fall detection technology to prevent falls down stairs or edges. When the battery is less than 20%, the laser robot vacuum cleaner will recharge. When fully charged, the robot vacuum cleaner will automatically return to the place where it was not finished to continue cleaning. SLAM Mapping and scheduling cleaning install eyes for a robot vacuum cleaner, 360-degree real-time scanning, optimal route planning, charging memory makes the laser robot vacuum cleaner charge faster and more accurately.

MOOSOO R3 Laser Robot Vacuum Cleaner supports automatic cleaning,; gap cleaning, zone cleaning, you can choose specific rooms for cleaning; and set the No-Go zone in the MOOSOO app to block those zones, even adapt the sequence exact cleaning for your preferences. The smart vacuum works great with Alexa / Google Home. In addition, the robot vacuum cleaner will scan your cleaning habits, offering its own personalized calendar to suit your needs. 1800 Pa strong suction and its unique 3-stage cleaning system; as well as 3 levels of suction adjustment for pet hair; carpets and hard floors, when it is on the carpet; it will automatically increase the power of suction for a better clean effect. Powerful; constant suction at a volume no louder than an operating microwave.


MOOSOO R3 Laser Robot Vacuum Cleaner can immediately start sweeping as people start walking in. The device automatically goes to recharge once it is done with its designated task. We can buy it from AMAZON at lowest Price


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