Most Fast Charging Phones: 9 Minutes and 48 Seconds Unbelievable


Nowadays, Fast Charging Phones are getting faster and faster, and more than 25 models with 120W power are already supported. Red Magic 7S Pro 134W, realme GT Neo3, and OnePlus Ace 150W, the latest iQOO 10 Pro are the first 200W.The test equipment is the POWER-Z KM002C charging tester, the test environment is kept at a constant temperature of 25 degrees, the incubator is left standing for 15 minutes, the screen display is turned on, the background is cleared, and the starting power is 5%, and the original charger and data cable are used to charge to 100%.

The iQOO 10 Pro is indeed a top performer. It only took 9 minutes and 48 seconds to fully charge the 4700mAh battery, while the previous generation iQOO 9 Pro took less than 15 minutes to get the 4700mAh battery.

Black Shark 5, iQOO 7, Red Magic 7S Pro, etc. are also around 15 minutes, and none of the TOP10 finalists exceed 20 minutes.

Of course, the full charge time depends not only on the fast charging specifications but also on the battery capacity, so AnTuTu also released a ranking of charging efficiency, which is the amount of power charged per minute.

iQOO 10 Pro continues to do its part, reaching 455.6mAh per minute, at least 50% ahead of others. The Red Magic 7S Pro has a slightly larger battery, reaching 5000mAh, and the efficiency rises to second place. The iQOO 9 Pro depends in third place, basically tied with the Black Shark 5.

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The other TOP10 finalists are also old faces on the speed list, with an efficiency between 220-255mAh. It is worth mentioning that from the two lists, it can be found that they are both 120W fast charging solutions. Models that focus on games and entertainment positioning tend to have more aggressive charging strategies, while business-oriented models are relatively conservative.

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