Moto Z Hassleblad Camera Mod is confirmed that will have 10x optical zoom!


Moto Mods is a number of modifications like the snap-on JBL speaker mod, projector or even the battery pack, so when the Motorola Moto Z was announced, everyone was quite excited, as it is for sure that they will be included. Today we learned for a new camera mod that leaked, which is the Hassleblad camera mod for the Moto Z.


According to the source, named evleak, the new Moto mod will be a snap-on camera with a very smooth high-end camera lens and a wide flash.

The second leak that you learned, by HelloMotoHK this time, says that the Mod/AMP (internal Motorola codename for mods) is a 10x optical zoom, autofocus (AF) with f3.4-5.6/28-25mm lens.

HelloMotoHK also rumored that the Pro Camera Mod alongside the Adventure Mod, is supposed to guarantee waterproofing for the Moto Z/Z Force/Z Play. Both Mods will be announced alongside the Moto Z Play.


Moto Z Play is also said to have 3.5mm headphone jack. The device will include really powerful specs, but they will be lower from these of the Moto X Play.



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