Motorola has Partnered with GURU to Bring the Technology to Market


Motorola on January 29 unveiled the technology, which uses a dedicated device to charge two mobile phones simultaneously within a metre of each other. Today, the company announced a partnership with GURU, a company in the radio industry, to bring the technology to market, according to Neowin.

Motorola has partnered with GURU to study the application of separation charging for smartphones. Guru is a company specializing in millimeter wave integrated circuits, modules, and RF technologies. The company’s core technology, RF Lensing Radio Lens, focuses radio waves in the same way a convex lens focuses light, allowing power to be transmitted precisely to the phone via electromagnetic waves. Beyond that, Motorola hasn’t disclosed details of its partnership with GURU or when the technology will be available.

Xiaomi also unveiled the technology on January 29, 2021, with the Mi 11 being the first to support IT, IGeekphone has learned. Xiaomi’s technology uses a large charging pile with an array of 144 antennas that automatically detects the phone’s position and beam millimeter waves to the phone via beamforming. The technology allows a single device to charge up to 5 watts within a radius of a few meters. Although Xiaomi unveiled a prototype of the charging pile in the video, it has yet to release it in mass production.


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