Motorola Launches a 5G Module Dockable to the Moto Z3 With a Snapdragon 855 and an X50 Modem


With the arrival of the 5G and the presentation of the corresponding chips and antennas, Motorola has surprised with a module for the Motorola Moto Z3, which we recall, is a device launched in August that allows to expand its functionality with the so-called Moto Mods, with the that we can attach a large speaker, a 360 degree camera, or anything compatible with this system.

The hardware that incorporates this module is quite impressive, because for the solitary mission of providing 5G support to this device is the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, a Snapdragon X30 modem, the Qualcomm QTM052 module for receiving Wave signal, all paired with a separate 2200mAh battery that is charged separately with a USB-C connector built into the module itself, along with an independent Android system running inside that manages communications.

This module has its limitations because although it equips several key components such as the Snapdragon 855 or an additional 2200mAh battery, the phone has no way of taking advantage of them to increase its power or autonomy. Therefore, the additional processor only supports the Snapdragon X50 modem, and both are powered by this additional battery to not reduce the battery life of the Moto Z3. In the same way, the 5G module has a SIM slot to place a card with a mobile data plan.

This module, therefore, fulfills the sole function of providing 5G Wave connectivity wherever it can be connected to one of these networks, either by coupling directly to the device and providing it with said capacity, or by connecting the set to a device that supports USB Tethering as it could be a computer, and endow it with said 5G capacity.

It is surprising that Motorola has decided to incorporate a mobile that went on sale half a year ago with an obsolete Snapdragon 835 similar module with a next-generation processor, and that this can not be used or used in any way, in the same way, that neither is it allowed to manage the batteries. This, added to the fact that the size of the mobile is doubled and that the antenna has been placed outside the original design of the device, makes this module supposedly designed to be worn on a daily basis difficult to understand.

For now, no more details are known as the price, although we anticipate that it will not be a cheap module due to the large amount of technology it equips.

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