Motorola Shows off a Scroll Screen Concept Phone with a Lengthwise Retractable Screen


At Lenovo’s Tech World 2022 conference, MOTOROLA demonstrated a concept phone with a scroll screen that can expand and contract lengthways with the push of a button, with wallpaper adapted for dynamic effects.

MOTOROLA’s scroll concept phone has a 5-inch screen that expands to 6.5 inches when unrolled. That means it’s more compact than iPhone 13 Mini in unexpanded mode and nearly as big as the iPhone 14 Pro Max when fully expanded. The company currently has no plans to launch the device, which is still in the concept stage.

MOTOROLA’s roller-screen concept differs from some of its predecessors from other manufacturers, such as Samsung and TCL, which have shown roll-screen models that scale horizontally rather than vertically and can switch between smartphone and tablet modes. Instead of creating a smartphone-tablet hybrid, MOTOROLA aims to offer a smartphone that can switch screen sizes depending on the situation.

It may be a while before you can buy a scroll phone, but Ross Young, co-founder and CEO of Display Supply Chain Consulting, believes that a scroll phone could address some of the shortcomings of today’s larger foldable phones, such as the Galaxy Z Fold series, as he said in a previous interview: “I think, in my opinion, the scroll phone concept has a lot of potential to replace the book-like device because it’s going to be thinner, and it should be a lot lighter.”

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While MOTOROLA’s first foldable Razr received a lot of attention when It launched in 2019, Samsung is currently the industry leader when it comes to foldable phones, Igeekphone has learned. Samsung accounts for 62 per cent of the global foldable phone market, while Huawei is in second place with 16 per cent, according to Counterpoint Research. The report also indicates that the market for foldable phones is expected to grow by 73% in 2022, suggesting that consumers may be increasingly receptive to phones whose screens can be bent and folded.


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