MOTOROLA Surround Screen Patent has Exposure


According to LetsGoDigital, MOTOROLA filed a patent for a surround screen, and LetsGoDigital drew renderings of MOTOROLA’s surround phone based on the patent.

As shown in the picture, the front, side and back of the MOTOROLA surround screen are all wrapped with screens, accounting for more than 100% of the screen. Since the device is mostly a screen, the MOTOROLA surround has no physical buttons, but virtual ones instead.

It’s worth noting that the MOTOROLA surround phone lacks a rear-facing camera, which could mean it uses an under-screen camera scheme.

Previously, In September 2020, Xiaomi showed off the Mi MIX Alpha, a phone with a surround screen.

Unlike traditional phones, the MIX Alpha has a “surround screen” that surrounds the body with a single screen that takes up 180.6 percent of the screen.

In addition, the MIX Alpha uses fingerprint technology under the flexible surround screen, and replaces the traditional headset and distance sensor at the top with on-screen voice technology. At the same time, it is equipped with high voltage driving linear motor to realize the simulation of real button touch on both sides of the pressure sensing screen, and replace the physical lock screen button and volume button.


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