Motospeed CK104 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Design, Hardware, Features Review


Before now, we really didn’t know the difference between gaming and ordinary keyboard and some people usually think there is no need for the gaming keyboard, if you are among that set of people, just sit tight as we introduce you to the Motospeed CK104 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard that would change your gaming experience for good. You can watch the review video below


This keyboard presents a definitely beautiful and ergonomic aesthetic design, ideal for those who spend several hours of their life typing in front of the computer and playing games. It’s keys made of PC+ABS double injection keycap which is durable, anti-scratch, anti-slip and easy to clean with the rest of its body, covered in CNC Aluminum body with H32 hardness, 6 level assembling which is sturdy and reliable and also having a perfect glossy white finishing, which makes it look impeccable. It comes in a perfect anti-slip design. The bottom of the keyboard has 4 non-slip foot pad and bracket non-slip feet pad, which ensures that your keyboard is always stable no matter how hard you press it. This Motospeed CK104 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard with 104 Keys is perfect for typist, gamer, programmer and so on.


The gaming keyboard features all key non-conflict design. When playing games, we may want to combine keys to perform different tasks, this is the perfect keyboard. With this keyboard, you can press multiple keys at the same time without having any key conflicts problem. One good feature that makes this keyboard suitable for gaming is the cool multi-mode backlight effect. It comes with variety of cool LED backlight mode, which you can customize to any color of your choice. For game mood, the keyboard has been customized with some buttons that would make gaming more interesting. Look at the picture below.


Like earlier stated, The Motospeed CK104 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard would make your gaming experience Lit. It doesn’t cost a fortune, it is budget friendly. It is currently available on GearVita For $52.30 but with the special coupon code: CK104SAVE it can be purchased for just $49.30


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