MUJA Gamepad For Smartphones Is Available For Purchase on Indiegogo


After successfully launching a campaign on Kickstarter for Handycase in 2015, financed by 637 supporters from all over the world, Handscape returns enthusiastically to the gamer community bringing the second generation of its gamepad. For a few hours, MUJA Gamepad is finally available for purchase on Indiegogo at a very attractive price and cheaper than the list price, which will be $99.

Those wishing to purchase the gamepad during this period on the crowdfunding platform will, therefore, have 2 possibilities:

  • super-price for early birds: $49 for the first 500 pieces, reserved for those who had already booked the gamepad in the pre-launch period
  • early birds price: $59 for 500 units

MUJA Gamepad will offer a revolutionary gaming experience: compatible with Android and iOS smartphones no smaller than 4.7 inches, it is the typical stick & plays accessory with an ergonomic design. Thanks to a set of silica gel suction cups, it will attach to the cover of any terminal and will allow you to play anywhere for over 50 hours, using the integrated touch controllers and function keys.

In particular, MUJA Gamepad has four custom buttons on the touch-sensitive panel: L1, L2, R1, and R2 allow you to set different functions with the MUJA app, then customize the function keys and their combinations according to the different games.

There is also the possibility to set a 6-finger configuration for full control of the game on the front and back of the smartphone or drag all the function keys on the phone screen to more convenient positions “at your fingertips” to win more easily.

MUJA Gamepad uses Bluetooth 4.2 technology to provide a stable and continuous connection up to 10 meters away: it is more than twice as fast and has a range of action four times larger than the previous standard, but is also more efficient (up to 10 times more) so as to allow its integration into small devices.

Switching to the MUJA app, this is compatible with all smartphones and supports over 30 titles, such as PUBG mobile, Survivor Royale, Arena Of Valor, Fortnite, Pokémon and so on. It supports all official games on the App Store and Google Play. In short, what are you waiting for? Buy MUJA here.


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